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Cons: The main disadvantage of aluminum is the initial cost. Obviously the aluminum used for boat flooring isn’t the same normal aluminum used for windows or doors frames otherwise it would be very slippery. 2. Fiberglass. Pros: The main advantage of fiberglass is that it can be easily modeled to be used with any type of floor design .【Get Price】

Adding a floor to a 14′ Lund Aluminum Boat - General .

Use cardboard to out line your floor plan. My 14 ft lund has a floor like this. I think its 1/2 plywood. I re-did the front casting deck and made it out of 1/2 with 2×4 for support. The differecne I saw was that the fron benches were removed and the bench that was left was the rear bench and used when drivving the boat.【Get Price】

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16 foot Monark boat floor installation.【Get Price】

Aluminum floor install on 16' semi modified Alweld jon boat .

It's standard flooring for most jon boats when metal is used. 1/2" marine grade plywood would be roughly the same weight per square foot. quackrstackr Feb 28 2014 quackrstackr Feb 28 2014【Get Price】

Aluminum floor and deck thickness -

I'm planning on starting my decking and flooring project on my tracker 1542 next weekend the only thing I haven't decided on is what thickness I need for the aluminum flooring and the decking. I'm building a deck from the mid bench to the front bench and then a deck on the back bench.【Get Price】

Mono-Hull Boats | Aluminum Boat Plans & Designs by Specmar

A large number of aluminum single hull (monohull) boat designs (plans) that serve a variety of purposes. These include Orcas Outbacks Sitkas Sportsters Sport Fishers Crew Boats Crab Boats Dive Boats and Patrol Boats.【Get Price】

Alternative Flooring | Pontoon Boats 101

Several manufacturers had aluminum floors in the 1980's but their popularity has waxed and waned for the past thirty years. It was claimed that they were discontinued because of cost but in the modern era when pontoon boats seem to be built with no concern whatsoever for cost the aluminum floor has never made a come back.【Get Price】

Aluminum Boat Restoration : 9 Steps (with Pictures .

Aluminum Boat Restoration: My dad has an old aluminum boat we use for duck hunting. Its from the early '80's made by a Central California company called Valco which is no longer around. Its a great size - 12' long and over 50" wide. All the flat-bottom Jon boats made…【Get Price】

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Re: floor Materials for Aluminum boat Going on 3 years with marine grade plywood coated in epoxy with marine carpet. Carefully read labels at lowes and you will find that some of the high end A/B plywood for furniture is also marine rated. Saves the special order.【Get Price】

7 Tips to Build an Aluminum Boat Successfully | Adventure .

Boats are not just made with any old aluminum that you find at the metal store.The aluminum you want is marked by a few possible grades either 5086 or 5083. It’s important you look at what your designer specifies and ensure that your metal supplier is aware of the grade you require.【Get Price】

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I installed an aluminum floor in a 1998 14 foot dura craft and another floor nearly identical to that one in my jetboat a 16 foot 1997 Duracraft. Both used diamondplate for the floor and smooth aluminum for the sides. If you check out my aluma-jet thread you can see a couple of pics of the floor.【Get Price】

Boat Non Skid Deck Paint

Aluminum Floor - Boat Restoration Project with Non Skid Paint Textured Coating Shipstone Gray applied. Available in Attractive Colors: Chamois Beige Polar White Butternut Blue Hatteras Off-White Black Safety Yellow Shipstone Gray and Clear (amber tone) ideal for Wood Deck surfaces.【Get Price】

Floor Materials on Aluminum Hull - Need Advice | Boat Design Net

Hi all Starting this project by installing a floor. I don't want to go the plywood route (though if epoxied 3x it could be OK) because it's heavy and I need to save weight because it's an 18' boat that will have a 75hp Mariner 2 stroke and a 50 gallon tank (I need a lot of range) and an enclosed wheelhouse.【Get Price】

Spring Project: Time to re-do your boat floor? - Outdoornews

When you are dealing with aluminum there is a lot of work required too not only remove the carpet but the adhesive as well. The use of lacquer thinner is needed to break down the bond and allow the carpet to be removed. Make sure that all the excess glue is removed from the flooring before attempting to apply new glue. 3.【Get Price】

Replacing Floor on 17' Aluminum runabout | Boat Design Net

I am in the process of replacing the front platform floor on my 17 aluminum Sea Nymph. The old floor appears to be 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood with no resin or epoxy and was finished with a rubber backed marine carpet. Much of the wood is now rotten but I was able to take out the old carpet to use as a template for the new flooring I'll be putting .【Get Price】

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