substitute for wood that has dimensional stability

Characterization of the wood properties of Cedrelinga ...

1 Jan 2020 ... In its natural distribution area the wood has various local uses such as furniture ... e.g. the dimensional stability and durability Cedrelinga cateniformis is ideally suited as a substitute for overexploited tropical woods currently...【Get Price】

Effects of heat treatment on density dimensional stability and ...

31 Jan 2012 ... Since there is no chemical application during the process heat-treated wood is considered as an eco-friendly method which is an alternative to...【Get Price】

4 Substitute wood products you should try - WOOD Magazine

The holy-grail quest of the lumber world has long been to find an inexpensive ... strips and laminated to form a surprisingly hard and stable woodlike material.【Get Price】


ASSESSMENT OF THE DIMENSIONAL STABILITY OF CEMENT - BONDED ... products manufacturing which could substitute for use of sawnwood (lumber) and ... Synthetic adhesive is a major binder component in the wood-based industries.【Get Price】

Dimensional Stability of Waterlogged Scots Pine Wood ... - MDPI

26 Nov 2020 ... The main purpose of conservation is to achieve dimensional stability of ... In the second case (the alternative approach) twin wood samples...【Get Price】


Acetylated wood is wood grown from sustainable sources ... water absorption improve dimensional stability and improve the wood's ... other alternatives. Third...【Get Price】

Thermally modified wood as a green alternative to tropical ...

2 Jul 2020 ... ... product is presenting itself as a green alternative to tropical hardwoods in applications that demand durability and dimensional stability.【Get Price】

Comparing Siding Dimensional Stability

Posted by Emilio Bonilla Tags: Alternatives to Everlast Everlast Composite. In layman's terms dimensional stability is an attribute that describes the ... The usual gamut of siding choices includes vinyl wood metal and composite sidings.【Get Price】

Evaluation of dimensional stability surface roughness colour ...

Amount of shrinkage of Acacia auriculiformis wood was observed to be ... as a substitute for certain high value tropical species ( Shukla and Sharma 2018). ... The effect of heat on dimensional stability of compressed wood is reported by)...【Get Price】

Dimensional Stability - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Dimensional stability is defined as the percentage change in either the transverse or ... For example the transverse dimensional change has to be controlled within a ... the dimensional stability of cyanoethylated wood is somewhat higher and there is ... have restricted structural applications in favor of less costly alternatives.【Get Price】

Accoya Windows | Dynamic Architectural Windows & Doors

If an alternative existed which offered all of the “wood is good” characteristics was ... Outstanding dimensional stability which dramatically improves coatings...【Get Price】

Acoustic properties of modified wood under different humid ...

In musical instrument making there is a strong need to find alternatives to the ... acetylated wood showed low EMC values and high dimensional stability at each...【Get Price】

New alternatives for wood preservation based on thermal and ...

2 Dec 2015 ... Chemical modification of solid wood is generally investigated to increase wood dimensional stability through reduction of its affinity to moisture...【Get Price】

Evaluation of the Dimensional Stability of Black Poplar Wood ...

26 Feb 2021 ... It is also possible to reduce the dimensional changes of wood two-fold ... years we have been observing a tendency to substitute wood of high...【Get Price】

Characterization of the wood properties of Cedrelinga ...

biological features e.g. the dimensional stability and durability Cedrelinga cateniformis is ideally suited as a substitute for overexploited tropical woods currently...【Get Price】


If an alternative existed which offered all of the best characteristics of wood was sourced from sustainable forests had zero toxicity and provided dimensional...【Get Price】

Dimensional Stabilization of Wood in Use - Forest Products ...

Though wood is one of the few natural products ... in the area of dimensional stability of new and different ... replacing cell wall water with waxes. In a two-phase...【Get Price】

Dimensional Stabilization of Wood in Use. - DTIC

relationships microstructure of wood sional stability of cellulosic materials penetrate the cell ... The reaction is usual- research for dimensional stability of treatments. ... formaldehyde resin is achieved by ap- replace all of the potential sites.【Get Price】

US7836924B2 - Methods for enhancing hardness and ...

Methods for enhancing hardness and dimensional stability of a wood element and wood ... For example a wood that is used for flooring material should be able to ... alternative to current chemical and mechanical methods for enhancing wood...【Get Price】

Dimensional Stabilization of Wood | SpringerLink

12 Jun 2015 ... However wood is susceptible to dimensional changes attributable to ... replace 50 % of the paraffin wax in water repellent formulations [62].【Get Price】

Dimensional Shrinkage | The Wood Database

A suitable oak fell in the last storm and I wondered if it could replace the veneered planks on the two tables I have in my conservatory. Grateful for some advice! 0.【Get Price】

New Insights on Wood Dimensional Stability Influenced by ...

23 Mar 2016 ... Among wood properties the dimensional stability is regarded as a major ... In fact the low drying shrinkage is correlated to the high extractive content ... in accordance with measurement made on the sub-sampling used for...【Get Price】

Thermally Modified Wood: The Green Alternative to Tropical ...

The Cambia process is simple and chemical free and Australian distributor Britton ... Or as McNeil puts it: "Dimensionally stable wood looks better longer.".【Get Price】

Evaluating dimensional stability in solid wood: a review of ...

25 Jul 2019 ... This property known as dimensional stability is often a target property for ... Wood dimensions and levels of distortion can also change via further ... change is not a good substitute for directly measuring dimensional stability.【Get Price】

Dimensional Stability

This results from a reduction both in the maximum shrinkage of the wood and its equilibrium moisture as well as from slower moisture absorption. This property is...【Get Price】

Study on Dimensional Stability Properties of Laminated ...

Overall the dimensional stability properties of LVL from OPT bonded with cold setting ... However the utilisation of oil palm by-products in wood composites is still ... Therefore substitution material especially formaldehyde-based adhesives to...【Get Price】

Sandberg D Kutnar A Mantanis G (2017). Wood modification ...

1 Dec 2017 ... As a result wood modification has been implemented to improve the ... While the latter does not affect the dimensional stability or durability the ... As a consequence the extent of OH-substitution is rather irrelevant ([60] [19]...【Get Price】

(PDF) Dimensional Stabilization of Wood - ResearchGate

2 Dec 2020 ... sional stabilization of wood is always associated with the. transformation ... than with the degree of the OH substitution level [4647. 53]. Minato...【Get Price】

Cross Laminated Timber - American Wood Council

This cross lamination provides dimensional stability strength and rigidity which is what makes CLT a viable alternative to concrete masonry and steel in many...【Get Price】

Wood Information Guide 3.22MB - Accoya

Accoya wood has been produced commercially since 2007 initially in ... type hazards or that are critical or hard to replace). Exposed to ... 4 Dimensional stability of Accoya wood under different moisture conditions SHR Report 6.322. 5 Accoya...【Get Price】


the grain) wood has dimensional stability. If this were not true wood ... nor is it likely to replace more economical methods of stabilizing wood. 4. Dimensional...【Get Price】

Studies on Industrial-Scale Thermal Modification of Wood - DiVA

During thermal modification wood is exposed to temperatures between 160 - ... (2009) wood products typically require less energy for manufacturing than alternative ... dimensional stability of thermally modified wood produced with the two...【Get Price】

Sustainable wood Kebony reducing deforestation ...

3 Jul 2020 ... Kebony is a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to ... The process improves the dimensional stability at moisture variations...【Get Price】

Mass Timber in North America - CE Center

... work in an NLT panel and the friction fit lends some dimensional stability to the panel. ... Mass timber is not necessarily a good substitute for light wood-frame...【Get Price】

Thermally Modified Wood - Cambia Wood by NFP

Through the production of thermally modifying™ lumber we offer an environmentally responsible choice over tropical hardwoods or petrochemical-based wood alternatives. ... the durability of the wood as well as to increase its dimensional stability. ... Both our thermally modified poplar and ash have achieved a Class 1...【Get Price】

OSB – rigid high-tech wood panels |

SWISS KRONO OSB/3 is an attractively priced yet strong alternative. ... SWISS KRONO OSB/3 excels with excellent dimensional stability and strength. The many...【Get Price】

Logo LIFE LIFEWOOD - Demonstration of an innovative ...

Wood from well-managed sources is a natural renewable material and its use can ... Combining carbon storage and substitution 1 m³ of wood stores about 0.9 ... significantly enhance the durability and dimensional stability of residual wood...【Get Price】

Suitability of Different Variants of Polyethylene Glycol ...

16 Jan 2018 ... While both of the PEG variants perform better with an anti-shrinkage efficiency of up to ... However wood has clear limitations when it comes to more ... and replacement of water the swollen state of the wood cell wall is partly...【Get Price】

Sustainable use of wood: thermally modified vs tropical wood ...

With its excellent durability Thermory Ash is one of the few good alternatives to tropical ... Thermally modified wood has significantly better dimensional stability...【Get Price】

The effects of heat treatment with the ThermoWood® method ...

Although many alternative materials have been developed throughout history and ... Generally heat-treated wood is fairly hydrophobic with low shrinkage and...【Get Price】

Why we use Accoya® wood for windows and doors. • Sliding ...

9 Nov 2020 ... It enables the consistent supply of durable dimensionally stable ... How does Accoya® differ from wood that has been impregnated or modified ... The main alternative non-toxic preservative treatment to Accoya's acetylation is...【Get Price】

New alternatives for wood preservation based on thermal and ...

27 Nov 2020 ... Much research has been conducted to improve wood dimensional stability and biological durability including thermal and chemical modification.【Get Price】


... wood with pyridine which is known to be very effective at swelling the cell wall. ... since changes in wood volume as determined from external dimensions did not correlate with changes in cell wall ... substitution in property modification. /?. 0.【Get Price】

Humin based resin for wood modification and property ...

To guarantee long-life wood products good dimensional stability and resistance ... This is a key advantage for the eventual replacement of toxic chemicals.【Get Price】

The Product - Wood Engineering Technology

Residential Housing. OEL™ is a direct substitute for solid structural lumber offering strong straight dimensional stable characteristics in sizes and lengths not...【Get Price】

Improvements in stability durability and mechanical ... - CORE

dimensional stability of the treated wood was noticed with oil of different heating ages. Oil absorbed ... The secondary wall is further divided into three sub-layers:.【Get Price】

Dimensional Stability of Waterlogged Scots Pine Wood ...

2020年11月26日 ... Dimensional Stability of Waterlogged Scots Pine Wood Treated with PEG and Dried Using an Alternative Approach ... Low-intensity drying is widely believed to protect waterlogged archeological wood against the adverse...【Get Price】

Engineered wood - Wikipedia

Engineered wood also called mass timber composite wood man-made wood ... Broad-base adoption of mass timber and their substitution for steel and ... Densified wood is made by using a mechanical hot press to compress wood fibers and ... mechanical properties and dimensional stability that offer a broader range in...【Get Price】

Jute Composites as Wood Substitute

6 Jan 2012 ... Jute fibre composites enjoy excellent potential as wood substitutes in ... The tangential shrinkage is only about 3.5% and the radial shrinkage is...【Get Price】


Moderate dimensional stability. 1220 when Dry. Moderately Durable. Medium to Coarse. Medium. The wood is so similar to Honduras mahogany (Swietenia...【Get Price】

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