a thesis on design of solid and ribbed slab for cost comparison

A Comparative Study of Flat slab Waffle Slab and ...

A Thesis Submitted to School of Graduate Studies of Jimma University in Partial ... structural system either code imperfections or error in analysis and design ... compare to conventional slab 19.19% compare to Flat slab with drop panel and 47.24 ... of the study amount of concrete and steel used to compute the cost of the.【Get Price】


A thesis submitted to the school of graduate studies of Addis ... I also thank the Construction design share company for sponsoring me throughout my ... Solid flat slabs are supported only by columns and are applied mostly in large industrial and ... which is determined on the basis of its relative stiffness compared to the total.【Get Price】

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7.2.1Existing design formula for headed shear stud connectors 172. 7.2.2Proposed formula for ... Table 3-4: Reinforced concrete ribbed slab properties . ... Table B-1: Comparison between results of calculation and FEA for WWSS of 16×75mm . ... Figure 4-8: Costs of life cycle phase (Ahmed and Tsavdaridis 2018) ......... 81.【Get Price】

(PDF) Comparative Cost Study for A residential Building Using ...

25 Nov 2020 ... Keywords: Flat plate Solid slab Ribbed slab Cost estimation. Structural Quantities ... design of reinforced concrete slabs (Sahab et al.) [7]. Two types ... for Flat Plate Slab System MSc thesis Addis Ababa. University Addis...【Get Price】


material in design of flat slab floors based on a linear elastic FE-analysis with the ... Comparisons between the three methods show that the FE-based reinforcement design ... apart from the fact that shell elements or solid elements are used in Abaqus ... The load is preferably carried with a minimum of cost which normally.【Get Price】

Cost Comparison Between Different Types of Reinforcing ...

... Concrete Slabs. A Thesis Submitted to the University of Mughtaribeen in Partial ... into four equal spaces perform the structural design process for each type. ... Ribbed slab was the least expensive with a value 490887.00 SDG followed by a ... beams Slabs may be solid of uniform thickness or ribbed with ribs running in...【Get Price】

Analysis and Design of Different Types of Slabs using Various ...

30 Jun 2018 ... different types of slabs such as one-way or two-way solid slab flat plate one-way or two-way ribbed slab etc. ... After design and comparison it is found that ACI code requires more reinforcement and concrete which leads to greater total price but it gives less deflection. ... Nigeria Master's Thesis Near East.【Get Price】

Optimum Design of a Reinforced Concrete Ribbed Slab

1 Oct 2020 ... Optimization for reinforced cement concrete (RCC) ribbed slab is illustrated ... In flat ribbed slabs solid heads are formed around the columns to resist the ... To compare the cost with respect to the standard design principles.【Get Price】

(PDF) Assessment of Cost Variation in Solid and Hollow Floor ...

12 Jul 2017 ... In pre cast solid slab construction the cost of transportation of units to sites ... Therefore there is difference in the cost of construction between the ... Hollow slabs Lagos state Reinforced concrete Solid slab Waffle floor ... design and construction of floor slabs are usually ... An unpublished Master's thesis.【Get Price】


Degree of Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering Design. Department of ... (138737G). Thesis / Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the ... Key words: Conventional slab Flat slabSAP2000Cost Comparison ... panels banded coffered flat slabsolid flat slab with drop panel(figure 2.11).【Get Price】

Comparative Cost Study for A residential Building Using ...

Keywords: Flat plate Solid slab Ribbed slab Cost estimation. Structural Quantities Bill of Quantity (BOQ). I. INTRODUCTION & RELATED WORK. Designing...【Get Price】

Comparison between Ribbed Slab Structure using ... - CORE

Lightweight Foam Concrete and Solid Slab Structure ... In addition the scope of this study is to design one-way ribbed slab and two-way solid slab by ... Finally a comparison of the cost of one way ribbed slab and the beam with two way solid...【Get Price】


The design and construction of floor slabs are usually solid adequately ... related to the comparison of ribbed slab and solid slab interims of cost quality and time. The ... Master‟s Thesis Submitted to the Department of Civil and Environmental...【Get Price】

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Tools for design and analysis of waffle slab bridges for both serviceability ... comparison with conventional alternatives namely the solid- slab bridge and the...【Get Price】

Comparison of Steel and Reinforced Concrete as ... - EMU I-Rep

comparison. According to the result of this thesis steel is a more sustainable structural building material than ... The slab is common structural element in modern buildings. ... Slabs may be solid ribbed precast or cast in place. ... design flexibility and sensible cost with compare to reinforced concrete (Ambrose &. Tripeny...【Get Price】

(PDF) Cost Comparison between Frames with Solid Slab and ...

[1] The study was done in Ethiopia for the Frames with Solid Slab and Ribbed slab in the same seismic zone (Zone-4) and on the In Structural Design we select...【Get Price】


Ultimately the cost of construction also increases. ... In this thesis the different structural slab systems with different beam systems are designed and the deflection bending moment ... In this particular thesis the analysis and design of RCC building is ... and this flat slab directly rests on structural walls without beams.【Get Price】


on the cost of the material that replaces the concrete with itself and air. ... compared to a solid slab or coffer slab flexural design poses no significant problem. ... In addition to German research this thesis will also investigate the effect of the ... Shear resistance of reinforced concrete flat slabs with no shear reinforcement...【Get Price】

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Key Words: Building structure; HCB; hollow concrete block; Two-way Solid slab; Two-way ribbed slab; Excel. Design Template; STAAD Pro 8.1 software. 1.【Get Price】

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prestressed concrete slab & Ribbed slab system” project is my original work and has not ... DESIGN OF PRESTRESSED HOLLOW CORE CONCRETE SLAB . ... 6 Summery of cost comparison for both precast beam-block slab and ... construction which has got a self weight of about one-half of a solid section of the same.【Get Price】

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26 Jun 2017 ... A Rational Approach to Flat Slab Design Dissertation submitted as part requireme for the ... Discussion; 60 4.1 Comparison between approaches; 61 4.2 ... In general cost alone should not dictate slab floor choice in the construction. ... Recently solid flat slab is getting popular in the construction industry in...【Get Price】

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reduced cost make them highly in demand. ... a two-way waffle slab than with a post-tensioned slab and lastly with a partially pre-stressed ... each of the design types we will compare them with each other to arrive to a conclusion on the ... non-retractable) in order to reduce the weight of the slab in comparison to solid slabs.【Get Price】

Analysis and Parametric Study of Reinforced Concrete Two ...

Reference [4] presented and discussed the optimum design problem of reinforced concrete two- ... Two cases had been studied; the first was a waffle slab with solid ... total costs was found to be within the range (1.10 - 2.12) and the cost ratio ... depth on the flexural rigidity of two-way ribbed (waffle) slabs and compare...【Get Price】

A study of cost‑effective reinforced concrete ... - DR-NTU

OUTLINE OF THE THESIS. ... Trial-design cost comparison for various structural systems. ... prestressed flat slab and precast column-beam-slab systems. ... solid slab. The costs of the buildings were estimated based on standard estimating...【Get Price】

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This thesis explores the design of materially efficient floor systems that can reduce ... resisting the same loads of an equivalent solid prismatic beam or slab. ... Figure 3 Comparative costs of material and labor for construction in the USA [8] ... Figure 20 Ribbed slab built using fabric formwork and keel mold University of Bath .【Get Price】

Spherical void formers in concrete slabs

The cost framework for concrete construction is obviously different to that of ... in SVF slabs due to the voided zones along potential 45º shear cracks the design ... Before this comparison can be made the structural integrity of SVF slabs has to be ... Shear behaviour of SVF slabs will be different from that of solid concrete flat...【Get Price】

Optimization of RC Structures in Terms of Cost and ... - MDPI

15 Oct 2020 ... to use a waffle slab to reduce the weight. ... For comparison 3 classes of high strength concrete were included in this study namely ... Therefore within the economically focused design the floor slab thickness according to this ... The article was prepared as part of the doctoral thesis of Michal Ženíšek.【Get Price】

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17 Jul 2016 ... Traditional floor slabs systems are cost-optimized but can have the disadvantage ... flat. Lastly a minimum concrete thickness and casting constraint are applied in the ... when compared to the original preliminary design. ... The Solid Isotropic Material with Penalization (SIMP) method by Bendsøe (1989).【Get Price】

Cost Analysis of Precast and Cast-in-Place Concrete ...

The study established that precast concrete slabs were on average 23.22% cheaper ... Surveyors use in the planning and design process is the elemental cost plan. ... The study seeks to analyze the comparative cost of structural frame of some ... 9 Construction of 3-storey 12-unit flat for Effiduase Secondary/Commercial...【Get Price】

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A concrete slab is a common structural element of modern buildings consisting of a flat ... This is relatively high when compared to other materials for example the conductivity of wood may be as low as 0.04 W m−1 K−1. ... For ground-bearing slabs it is important to design the slab around the type of soil since some soils...【Get Price】

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