how close to install fence near existing fence

How can I build a fence next to existing neighboring fences .

A general rule (not sure if your neighbors abide to it) is to build the fence 1-2 feet inside your property line. You mention that the fence post is presumably in their property so even butting up to it would be in their yard. You best option is to ask them to join your new fence to it and get a simple contract to protect yourself.【Get Price】

How Close Can I Put A Fence to My Property Line?

Your jurisdiction may have laws about how far back a fence needs to be set on your property which is typically 2 4 6 or 8 inches from the property line. Other areas will allow you to go right up to the property line.【Get Price】

How to Install a Fence Next to a Neighbor’s Fence | GoodHome IDS

Decide whether the fence posts will face outwards towards your neighbor’s property or will face your yard. This is especially important when installing a wood privacy fence and local ordinances may require you to have the posts facing your yard. Be courteous and respectful when installing your fence.【Get Price】

Issues with installing a fence close to another fence - YouTube

Sometimes there is a need to install a fence next to a neighbor's fence. Ron talks about the limitations of doing so. Have you though of these?【Get Price】

How Close Can You Install a Fence to Your Property Line

How close you can install a fence to your property line depends on a few factors including the regulations in the area where you live and your neighbor’s opinion on the fence.【Get Price】

How to Easily Install a Fence Post Near or Next to Your House .

While the post positioning will vary depending on the fence panel width you choose—i.e. if you have 6-foot-wide panels you’ll need to put a post every 6 feet—regardless of the panel length you should always start with the post that’s closest to your house. Your home is an immovable structure and thus dictates where you can put that post.【Get Price】

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