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IKEA creates plastic pallets as an alternative to wooden ...

15 Feb 2012 ... IKEA the international furniture retailer giant has developed plastic pallets to replace the traditional wooden pallets when shipping goods...【Get Price】

An Alternative approach to pallets | Warehouse & Logistics ...

27 Feb 2019 ... PALLITE® is a cost-effective alternative pallet for one-way or export and is significantly lighter than wood making it a great option for air freight...【Get Price】

Paper pallets are cheaper and ecological substitutes for ...

Company Sopack offers alternative ecological solutions to wooden pallets. The Light ecological fiberboard pallets. The weight of the pallet in dimension...【Get Price】

You Can Make Pallets Out Of What? - Reusable Packaging ...

13 Aug 2019 ... Alternative pallet materials: The ag industry doesn't need to look far ... To take a step back wood pallets have long dominated pallet usage and...【Get Price】

4 timber pallet alternatives to reduce shipment weight ...

18 Feb 2021 ... Corrugate pallet runners can be attached to the base of boxes to negate the need for a pallet. They can hold up to 800kg per pair and are used...【Get Price】


Each year we receive more orders for steel pallets as a substitute for wooden and plastic pallets considering stringent safety and fire regulations. The area of...【Get Price】

Seven alternative pallets for greener operations - Modern ...

11 Jun 2019 ... Sustainability in the News · Equipment Resource · 1.) Engineered molded wood deters pests · 2.) Recyclable corrugated saves shipping costs · 3.)...【Get Price】

Alternatives to wooden packaging and pallets - Averda South ...

25 Jan 2019 ... Paper-based pallets and crates. New rigid forms of cardboard pallets are being developed that are strong enough to carry and support big loads.【Get Price】

Pallet Alternatives: Use Wire Steel & Plastic Storage Pallets

Are you tired of replacing wood pallets? ... Durable and affordable plastic steel and wire pallets are a great pallet alternative used in manufacturing warehousing...【Get Price】

Alternative to Wooden Pallets - Paradigm Plastic Pallets

Paradigm Plastic Pallets Inc. is an innovator in pallet industry and a leader in its development. Paradigm's patented hollow-board design delivers a better strength-...【Get Price】

Lightweight alternative to wooden pallet completes testing | Air ...

6 Jun 2018 ... ... NextPallet completed testing of its new lightweight shipping pallets that are about 10 to 20 pounds lighter than traditional wooden alternatives...【Get Price】

Alternatives To Pallets: Are They Up To The Job? - J. F. ...

27 May 2016 ... Wood plastic corrugated and metal pallets all have their individual benefits. Aluminum pallets are an expensive option but are great for heavy...【Get Price】

All things considered wooden pallets are more eco-friendly ...

4 Feb 2020 ... Molded plastic pallets typically have a much longer life cycle than wooden pallets because plastic pallets are usually not broken or damaged...【Get Price】

Alternative Material Pallets Offer ... - Pallet Enterprise Article

1 Nov 2012 ... Other types of available pallets include metal composite wood composite wooden packaging with metal hardware presswood and honeycomb.【Get Price】

Wood Pallet Alternatives: Why Wood Isn't the Best Pallet ...

25 Apr 2019 ... Pallet pooling is the most effective way to make use of wood pallet alternatives like plastic and can add to the advantages of alternative-material...【Get Price】

Are Wood Pallets Your Dirty Secret? Here Are Some ...

4 Jan 2019 ... Are Wood Pallets Your Dirty Secret? Here Are Some Alternatives to Wooden Pallets. · Corrugated Paper Pallets: · How can switching to corrugated...【Get Price】

Alternative pallet market grows 3% as supply chains see ...

19 Jul 2019 ... Dive Brief: The market for alternatives to standard wood pallets is growing rising by 3% year-over-year in 2019 according to a new...【Get Price】

Pallet Recycling and Material Substitution - P2 InfoHouse

Substitution: How Will Hardwood. Markets be ... solid wood for pallets can be attributed to stag- ... 1 Recycling is defined as the reuse of a pallet or the wood in a.【Get Price】

Sustainable Lightweight Pallet Alternative Created by IKEA

OptiLedge - created by IKEA to replace wood pallets. With millions in use it is sustainable lightweight adaptable recyclable waterproof ISPM exempt and...【Get Price】

Corrugated pallets - DS Smith Packaging

DS Smith's corrugated pallets provide a cleaner greener more cost effective and lighter alternative to traditional wooden pallets. Kaypal®. Economical ecological...【Get Price】

Plastic vs. Wood | Should You Use Wood or Plastic Pallets?

28 Jul 2020 ... Using Plastic Pallets. Plastic pallets are proven and growing alternative to wood pallets. In industries where sanitation is a concern like food and...【Get Price】

wooden pallet alternatives | Litco International

News - Tagged: wooden pallet alternatives. 2012 Alternative Material Pallet Guide Now Available. Each year the editors of Pallet Enterprise combine...【Get Price】

Alternative Material Pallets - Millwood Inc.

Metal Pallets: Ideal for closed-loop applications where durability is paramount. Wood pallets have limited lifespans whereas metal pallets last significantly longer.【Get Price】

With the Cost of Wood Pallets Rising What is an Alternative?

16 Aug 2019 ... Wood pallets while the traditional shipping choice are becoming less and less realistic to use. Plastic pallets are a fantastic alternative. Although...【Get Price】

PALLITE® Pallet Product Range | Alternative to Wood Pallets

Manufactured by The Alternative Pallet Company it is a clean lightweight and ISPM15-exempt alternative to wooden pallets and crates and a more effective...【Get Price】

Guide for Locating and Using Alternatives to Wooden Pallet

Pallets made from alternative (non- wooden) materials run the gamut from single-use pallets that cost only a few dollars to highly-engineered custom pallets that...【Get Price】

Alternative solution to use of wooden pallets and packaging

14 Sep 2018 ... “The KimmoBin is essentially a fibreboard crate that provides a viable and cost-effective alternative to wooden crates while KimmoPallets are a...【Get Price】

Re>Pal Pallets - A Zero Waste Solution

21 Feb 2020 ... “Due to the wasteful nature inefficient and high risk alternative of wooden pallets Re>Pal offers not only an environmentally-friendly carbon...【Get Price】


Slip Sheet is the economic and eco-friendly alternative to the wooden pallet. PROPASHEET costs 4-5 times less than traditional pallets it is equally sturdy but...【Get Price】

Are there better alternatives than wood pallets?

22 May 2020 ... While wooden pallets are very economical and easy to produce plastic alternatives have been manufactured to last longer and be a stronger...【Get Price】

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