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ComFlor - Composite Steel Floor Decks - Product Overview ...

30 Oct 2012 ... ComFlor is a new generation of composite steel floor decks developed by Tata Steel that offer longer spans reduced concrete usage and...【Get Price】

Roof Deck and Composite Floor Deck | CSSBI

What distinguishes composite deck from plain deck (floor or roof) is the composite structural action developed between the steel deck and a concrete slab. The...【Get Price】


Least steel weight per square foot floor deck. Meets SDI 2x12 inch standard profile requirements. Reduced composite slab depth compared to. 3WxH-36...【Get Price】

Steel deck is a cold formed corrugated steel sheet - Canam ...

Steel deck is a cold formed corrugated steel sheet supported by steel joists or beams. It is used to ... of a roof. It was developed to provide a structurally efficient product for use in roof and floor systems. ... COMPOSITE DECK. Composite deck is...【Get Price】

Composite Metal Deck Products | Metal Floor Decking Supplier

Composite deck was designed with a ribbed profile or bump outs in the flutes called “embossments." These embossments grip the concrete as it cures creating a...【Get Price】

2" Composite Floor Deck - D-MAC Industries

What is Composite Floor Deck Used For? Composite floor deck is used to produce a range of structurally sound and efficient flooring system and used in an array...【Get Price】

New Millennium Building Systems composite floor deck

Standard composite deck has embossments in the vertical ribs that bond with the concrete topping. Once the concrete cures the resulting composite floor...【Get Price】

Composite Floor Decks Ltd: Home

Over the last five years Composite Floor Decks Limited has established itself as the market leader in the supply and installation of Composite Floor Decking within...【Get Price】


Figure 1 — Composite floor deck construction. Composite slabs consist of profiled steel decking with an in-situ reinforced concrete topping. The decking not only...【Get Price】

Composite Floor Deck | Brown-Campbell

Composite floor deck is comprised of a ribbed profile deck with special rolled-in embossments designed to interlock with the concrete slab. This construction...【Get Price】

What is Composite Floor Decking & How Does it Work?

17 Apr 2020 ... What is Composite Floor Decking? Composite metal floor decking is metal floor deck with an embossment pattern manufactured into the sides (...【Get Price】

Design of composite steel deck floors for fire ...

A composite steel deck floor is designed in bending as either a series of simply supported spans or a continuous slab. Strength in fire is ensured by the inclusion...【Get Price】

Vulcraft Deck

Composite Floor Deck. Vulcraft produces a wide variety of composite deck that works compositely with the concrete slab to produce an efficient and economical...【Get Price】

Composite Floor Deck | Metal Decking | Steel Decking | Cordeck

24 Feb 2021 ... COMPOSITE FLOOR DECK. Cordeck steel roof deck products serve as the structural substrate in roof construction. Installed directly over...【Get Price】

Composite floor decking - Constructalia - ArcelorMittal

Composite beams: when the limit span for our floors is reached then the composite beams can serve as intermediate support for floor decking and the final...【Get Price】

Composite Deck | Miami Metal Deck

In-Stock: Composite Floor Deck ... Aside from acting as a frame a metal composite deck that is fused with concrete normally will have superior strength and stiffness...【Get Price】

1.5 " Composite Metal Floor Deck & Decking - James River Steel

Composite Deck is meant to be used as a floor deck where concrete is to be poured on top of the deck. The web in the deck contains indentations which allow for...【Get Price】

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