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Wood Beams and Timbers - Phillips Forest Products

Today, wood bridges are rare, but our beams can still be found in the oil field industry and on many commercial, civil, and residential architectural projects. Our wood beams can be found around the country, from the highest end architectural projects, to the post holding up your neighbors outdoor kitchen.【Get Price】

Curved Timberlab Beams - - TimberLab Glulam Manufacturer

CURVED TIMBERLAB BEAMS. The flexibility of Glulam beams allows for the designer’s creative imagination to be realised. Factory made members can be formed into any practical shape and any desired size. Radial curved, elliptical shapes and reverse curves are all possible. The tightness of the radius will determine the thickness of the laminations.【Get Price】

Curved Products - Pure Timber LLC

Curved Beams, Columns, Handrail, Flooring, Countertops, Architectural Panels, Trellis, Canopies. Pure Timber is 1. a bent wood parts manufacturer, 2. a builder of large curved architectural fabrications, 3. a manufacturer and supplier of Cold-Bend hardwood. In this section we are illustrating our versatility in product manufacture.【Get Price】

Curved Flooring - Pure Timber LLC

Curved Flooring Curved Flooring from Pure Timber LLC is custom made for each application. The planks can flow and curve around obstacles like kitchen islands and columns as if they were islands in a river. Species selection includes Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Maple and Cedar.【Get Price】

PRODUCTS - Specialty Beams

PRODUCTS . Wood Beams . Our appearance grade structural wood beams are produced and used by contractors, home builders and timber framers nationwide. All our beams are precision cut from dried, straight grain Douglas Fir logs to produce a beautiful finished product with minimal shrinkage.【Get Price】

Curved Beams - American Laminators

The curved beams to the right are part of an outdoor stage near Sedona, Arizona. The open wood structure blends well with the open environment. The beams get their dark color from the application of a preservative (applied by others). Preservative treatment is common in timbers exposed to moisture and helps to insure a long service life.【Get Price】

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