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This video covers pulling the old teak decks off a sailboat in need of a new deck replacement, as well as the prep for making the templates to send off to Te.【Get Price】

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Removing the old teak and preparing the deck for bonding new teak. Cutting, bonding, and caulking the new teak. Re-installing the deck hardware. Removing the deck hardware took eight days with two people working 12 hour days.【Get Price】

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just like a wood boat there is frame work/ a grid that supports the deck how ever those danes built the framing out of fiberglass. wow! old man molich was a master builder with a plan. between the framing is a glass membrane thats maybe 3/16 thick. it is not at all like a fiberglass deck. the frames give the support. now, the teak deck is .【Get Price】

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Nautor/Swan is a cradle-to-grave boat company, meaning they not only build sailboats, but maintain and refit them. The removal of a 40-year-old teak deck cannot be something they rarely see, so an email to [email protected] might get you reliable information on both exactly what the goo is and how best to remove it.【Get Price】

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With the realization that every option required the same process to prepare the sub deck, I finally decided to remove the teak, fill the thousands of fastener holes with epoxy, and fair and then spray the decks with nonskid mixed in the paint. My teak-deck days were behind me, alas. It was on to whiter pastures.【Get Price】


WOULD YOU REMOVE A TEAK DECK? This is the second in our series of articles about SY Esper’s complete refit in Thailand for Sailing Today magazine. After 25 years, even 15mm teak starts to show signs of wear. They didn’t skimp on teak back in those days, and every horizontal surface of the boat was covered in it. Beautiful.【Get Price】

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To efficiently remove a teak deck, you’ll need tools of destruction—chisels, hammers, and crowbars. We actually had a lot of fun doing this part of the job, in a perverse kind of way.【Get Price】

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On some adhesives, floating a little acetone under the teak helps release the bond, but on 5200 it has little effect. We have, in the past, removed the decking with a combination of a heavy duty floor scraper and a shovel. On this job, however, we are using an electric hand planer.【Get Price】

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