4x4 vs 4x6 deck post

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Deck post size is important. So build your deck the right way, from the ground and posts up. That means that once you have the footings in place you need to install posts - which will support the beams - that in turn support the joists – that support the decking – and eventually you, your family and friends.【Get Price】

4x4 vs 6x6 Deck Post: When to Use Each One Effectively

According to building codes, there is no clear answer on when you should install a 4×4 vs. 6×6 deck post. However, experienced contractors will tell you that a 4×4 post simply can’t carry the heavy load that many porches require. Most professionals will encourage you to consider going with a 6×6 deck post form the outset of the project.【Get Price】

4x4 vs 6x6 Deck Post: Which is Better? - Plasticine House

The choice of 4×4 vs 6×6 deck post depends on the local codes, deck dimensions, and aesthetics. While a 4×4 under 5-feet will do the same job essentially as a 6×6, the more solid timber resists bending and twisting much better.【Get Price】

TN-9 Load Tables for Col&Beams

The design loads for 4x4 and 4x6 lumber for the commonly used grades are listed in Table 2, and for incised lumber in Table 3. Tables 4, 5, and 6 contain design loads for 6x, 8x, 10x and 12x timbers. Please note, these tables do not consider eccentric loads. Table 1 AXIAL COMPRESSION LOAD CAPACITY FOR 4x4 AND 4x6 COLUMNS Column Capacity (lbs .【Get Price】

Can I use 4x4 posts as the primary support for a deck?

4x4 post will be fine. I have built many decks for new homes with them. 6x6 is more sturdy of course and will not twist as easy, but for structure purposes, 4x4 will be fine. I would just not go more then 10' apart with them.【Get Price】

Deck beams and posts - beam spans - post sizes by Alter Eagle .

Typically I use the ACz post caps (right) for most decks, they handle the loads well and are easier to work with placing the heavy beams. I'll use the PCz post caps (left) if I have a condition on a slope with possible lateral movement or a heavy load with a large joist over a longer span.【Get Price】

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