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Nail on metal bead: Attach corner bead before taping. When installing metal bead, place nails on both sides of the bead and space the pairs about 8 in. apart. Or use a crimper: A corner crimper provides an alternative to nailing. Crimp the bead every 4 in. to 6 in.【Get Price】

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Cut the bead to the length of the corner, floor to ceiling, with a utility knife or shears. 2 Place the bead in position over the exposed corner, with one side of the bead on each wall that meets.【Get Price】

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Installing vinyl corner bead is quick and easy. Here’s how to do it.Cut the corner bead to length using snips or heavy-duty scissors. As with other beads, i.【Get Price】

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Installing Vinyl Corner Bead Vinyl corner bead is usually installed with spray adhesive. Corner bead spray adhesive is specially designed with tinting to make it easier to see the spots that have no glue. Adhesive should be sprayed on the inside flanges of the corner bead and allowed to set for about 10-15 minutes.【Get Price】

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Once the drywall is ready, you can prepare the corner bead. Use the tin snips for the vinyl bead to cut, making sure to leave about a half inch at the bottom near the floor. Press the corner bead up to the wall and make sure that everything is squared away. Using a hammer, nail it in to make sure that everything has been secured.【Get Price】

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