what is the outside paneling of a house called

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In framing construction, a wall panel refers to the panel or structure that makes up the framing for one wall of a home. In its most basic form, a wall panel is a large, framed rectangle made up of a top and bottom plate and studs (usually wood or metal beams).【Get Price】

The Main Electrical Panel & Subpanels

A panel might be mounted on the outside of the house, either separate from or combined with the electric meter, or on an inside wall, behind the meter. A contemporary main panel receives three incoming electrical service wires and routes smaller cables and wires to subpanels and circuits throughout the house.【Get Price】

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The side panels are perpendicular to the main wall surface (rather than at any angle), and the middle section is parallel to the main wall surface. Bridging A short horizontal framing member that joins to studs in a wall (often called blocking or fire blocking).【Get Price】

Basic House Framing Terms You Need to Know - Zeeland Lumber

Photo Courtesy of JLC Online. By-Walls. Also known as a through wall, a by-wall extends all the way to the outside edge of a house. Butt Walls. Butt walls are wall panels that butt up against by-walls at the exterior corner of a home.【Get Price】

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Panel Projection – The amount that a panel of vinyl sticks out away from the wall; you should choose the largest profile for the style of panel you want. Panel Siding – Siding, which comes in sheets, normally 4 feet by 8 feet. Examples of panel siding include Texture 1-11.【Get Price】

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During house construction, fascia boards are fastened to the ends of the rafters (called rafter tails) before the roofing and gutters are installed.Sometimes there are two fascia boards, either the same width or different widths (with a narrower board in front of a wider board), and sometimes fascia is installed over a board of framing lumber, called subfascia, that mounts directly to the .【Get Price】

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A horizontal board positioned on edge and attached to the ends of the rafters or truss ends where gutters are typically supported. This is called an eave fascia. Fascia placed on the end of a gable roof end is called gable fascia.【Get Price】

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A board attached to the edge of a gable roof. In house styles such as Gothic Revival and Tudor, bargeboards often bear intricate carvings or colorful painted details. Also called vergeboard or gableboard. Check Throat Illustration by Harry Bates. The groove cut into the underside of a windowsill that prevents rainwater from reaching the wall .【Get Price】

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This little known plugin reveals the answer. Wainscot paneling is paneling installed on part of interior walls, usually beneath a chair rail. Other types of temporary wall panels are employed in the home.【Get Price】

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The quickest way to side a house is to install panel siding, also called sheet siding. The sides have shiplap edges so that one piece laps onto its neighbor. The most common panel size is 4 by 8 feet, but sheets 10 and 12 feet long are also available and are worth the extra weight if they eliminate horizontal butt joints.【Get Price】

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