can wood be used as material for commercial building

Wood as Construction Material - Types, Structure, Processing

Wood is one of the most used natural building materials in the world. A number of valuable properties such as low heat conductivity, small bulk density, relatively high strength, amenability to mechanical working etc. makes wood as famous building material. Timber can be used in most economical way without wasting any of the derivative of it.【Get Price】


WOOD AS A BUILDING MATERIAL 2.1 WOOD AS A CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL Wood is an organic material, produced by a large number of woody plants and quite variable in properties. In fact, the term "wood is not much more definitive than the term "metal." Many species with differ- ing characteristics are used in construction【Get Price】

Wood use in Type I and II (noncombustible) construction

building materials will be used in construction of the building. Many factors must be considered including the use of the building, the number of occupants, how easily they can exit the building in case of a fire and how a fire can be contained. The IBC only regulates those elements which are part of the building construction. The building con-【Get Price】

Can wood be used in Construction Types I and II? If yes .

Section 602 of the International Building Code (IBC) defines five construction types (I-V), each with different levels of fire protection requirements and allowable use of combustible materials. Wood framing is permitted in some aspects of all five.【Get Price】

Commercial Construction Considerations: Wood-Frame Buildings .

As we know, wood is the primary material used in residential construction and it's use in commercial buildings can be different. I feel most firefighters would be surprised at how often wood is.【Get Price】

Wood as a Building Material | Timber | Lumber - Understand .

Wood has been used as a building material for thousands of years, being second only to stone in terms of its rich and storied history in the world of construction.【Get Price】

What Type of Building Material Is Best for My New Commercial .

Wood is one of the oldest materials used for construction, and it is now back in the spotlight when it comes to possible sources of materials for commercial buildings.【Get Price】

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