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Porches and Patios with Attractive Surfaces that are ... -

This enclosed front porch makes full use of space with on the flat roof deck above keeping the porch below protected. Porches and patios are often...【Get Price】

How to build a covered porch that won't leak - The Washington ...

7 Feb 2017 ... The porch has a roof over it with a decent overhang, but the floor system is regular wood joists covered with plywood. ... Properly installed, this membrane would have created a waterproof barrier over the wood framing system...【Get Price】

Rebuilding a Rotted Deck on a Flat Roof - Extreme How To

By Rob Robillard. A client recently asked if I would replace her badly worn-out roof deck. This wooden deck was built over her screen porch and on top of a flat...【Get Price】

Choosing the right porch roof style - The Porch Company

On the home below, the screened porch has a flat roof. You'll notice that the other rooflines are all hip roofs. In order not to obstruct or minimize the view from the...【Get Price】

What is your opinion of a flat roof on a screened in porch?

The contractors I have talked to about an addition on my home of a screened porch discourage a flat roof. Because of windows on the second floor of our all...【Get Price】

Screen Porch Design Ideas for Your Porch's Exterior

As you look for the perfect screen porch design, include architectural features that ... Another flat roof design option - note how the width of the screen panels is...【Get Price】

Building a Flat Roof Right - This Old House

Traditional homes often have sections of flat roof—over shed dormers, above porches and garages, and on balconies. And their horizontal lines abound in the...【Get Price】

What roof style should your new Chicagoland porch or ...

21 Sep 2016 ... Whether you are looking for a screened porch, an open porch, a sunroom, ... area porch include a gable roof, shed roof, hip roof, or a flat roof.【Get Price】

How to Build a Screen Porch: Screen Porch Construction (DIY)

Add an enclosed screen porch to your house using basic framing and deck building techniques. ... Tips for joining the screened in porch and house roofs ... In general, cover the eaves and valley with strips of a waterproof membrane (an...【Get Price】

Waterproofing a screen porch roof deck - Fine Homebuilding

18 Apr 2008 ... I have a existing balcony on the second floor over an existing deck at the ... In fact if the roof is flat it would probably be fine, it just needs not to...【Get Price】

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Flat-Roofed Porch

While it may be true that sloped roofs shed rain and snow faster, This Old House points out that historic-modern design often calls for a flat roof to ...【Get Price】

Flat Roof Screened Porch Design - Pinterest

Sep 1, 2018 - Planning to have the screened porch? Then write the details on the projects before making appointment with the professionals. Consider the place...【Get Price】

Membrane for Waterproof Porch - Roofing/Construction ...

I'd like to have a second floor exterior porch that is waterproof to protect the ... seen EPDM or peel&stick used as the waterproof membrane and then covered with ... It is designed for placing over any kind of roofing membrane on flat roofs, thus...【Get Price】

The Porch Roof - Old House Journal Magazine

18 Jun 2020 ... For some reason the porch roof—which protects those vital elements from rain, ... or covered with new materials without the old having been removed, ... 2×6 or 2×8 tall, creating a flat, level framework for the rest of the work.【Get Price】

Design Options for a Screen Porch | Case

11 May 2020 ... The final scheme maintains the second floor door unit by using a flat roof for the porch. A little of the drama will be lost in the porch ceiling, but a...【Get Price】

Roofing Solutions for Screen Porches - Screen Tight

17 Dec 2019 ... Some of the most common roofs include gable roofs, shed roofs, hip roofs and flat roofs. Here is everything you should know about each of these...【Get Price】

Building a floating deck over a membrane is simple, fast and ...

Oct 22, 2016 - floating deck over membrane, roof top deck, deck on top of ... Right down to the shower screen hardware and floor wastes, this bathroom is brass...【Get Price】

Best Roofing Options for Screened Porches - Style Roofing

In cases where the view from second floor windows might be impacted, a flat roof can be used. A shed roof is often used in these cases, but in our experience, that...【Get Price】

Decking Over A Roof - Chief Architect

of the job is easy. Decking. Over a. Roof. EPDM membrane. Tapered sleeper. 1⁄2-in. fiber ... deck above a living space are the same: a reliable roof membrane and ... penetrations, I covered the joint with uncured-EPDM peel-and-stick tape.【Get Price】

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