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4 Sep 2019 ... Thermally-modified (TM) wood has been available since early 1990s in ... in the U.S. Wood products and furniture manufacturing industries.【Get Price】

Benefits of Thermally Modified Wood | Blog | EcoChoice

4 Feb 2020 ... What is so good about thermally modified wood? In this blog post we explain the benefits that thermal modification of wood provides.【Get Price】

Thermally Modified Wood for Interior Use | Family Woodworking

10 Apr 2012 ... Meant for decks and outdoor furniture. The thermal process can be applied to many different hardwoods... poplar oak ash etc. I think this...【Get Price】

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29 Dec 2018 ... Thermally Modified Wood - Has anyone worked with this? Is it suitable for furniture? It looks like it could add some color to otherwise bland wood.【Get Price】

Prediction of physical and mechanical properties of thermally ...

18 Dec 2018 ... The color parameters did not seem suitable for predicting the wood hardness and MOEdyn. ... Thermally modified timber (TMT) can be used in high end-value ... Table 1 shows the mean square error (MSE) and coefficient of...【Get Price】

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reSAWN TIMBER co. is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of ABODO® thermally modified Vulcan cladding and decking products in the USA.【Get Price】

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18 Jan 2010 ... Lightly treated birch finds uses as flooring cladding and furniture; heavily treated pine and spruce become more durable and are used externally...【Get Price】

Thermowood | A combination of style and durability - Karava

Thermally modified wood darker in color than untreated wood which gives it a fine hardwood look. Reason enough to choose Thermowood.【Get Price】

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As the market leader in thermally modified hardwoods and softwoods ... Tantimber hardwood products feature a stunning exotic dark colour which can be ... Soffit Porch Flooring Privacy Screens Planter Boxes Exterior Garden Furniture...【Get Price】

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22 May 2017 ... Thermally-Modified Wood (TMW) has multiple applications and offers an ... Table 9. Percent of projects using different decking materials...【Get Price】

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AWCo Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) joins regionally harvested wood a value-added heat-modification process and local Minnesota milling to bring finished...【Get Price】


Such principle innovative technology currently is the thermally modified wood ... humidity manufacture garden furniture terrace board and many other things. 5.【Get Price】

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Our Mahogany is double end-matched and available in long lengths up to 19 feet making it perfect for decking fencing outdoor furniture fabrication or anywhere a...【Get Price】

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LUNAWOOD THERMOWOOD is a beautiful sustainable wood material produced by using natural methods heat and steam. Thermal modification improves the...【Get Price】

Thermally Modified Wood Market | Global Industry Report 2025

Based on application the global thermally modified wood market can be classified into building and construction furniture siding and decking industry and...【Get Price】

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Thermal Modification is the process of gradually heating any species of lumber to temperatures of 410 - 450º F in a special chamber that has had the oxygen...【Get Price】

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1 Nov 2017 ... Thermal modification changes the physical cell structure of the wood allowing it resist significant moisture gain thus making the wood much more...【Get Price】

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AWCo Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) is domestically-sourced and sustainably harvested wood that undergoes a value-added thermal modification process.【Get Price】

Description of Thermo-treated Wood

Thermo-Treated Wood is now widely used for all kinds of interior and outdoor projects such as exterior siding decks furniture production (especially for gardens)...【Get Price】

Thermal Modification - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Another area of application is interior design where thermally modified wood ... Table 2.2. Examples of thermal modifications of various wood and plant species...【Get Price】


Natural oils and waxes are commonly used for wooden furniture and parquet ... Adhesion of wax surface finish to the thermally modified wood was lower than to...【Get Price】

Professional consumer perceptions about thermally modified ...

31 Oct 2017 ... Thermally Modified Wood (TMW) provides an opportunity for sustainable ... Table 1. Changes in Wood Properties from Thermal Modification ../.【Get Price】

Thermally modified wood is even better than ipe? - Here's why ...

Perfect for decking outdoor furniture and pavers the treated wood outperforms untreated ash with a much longer life (25 years) better fire safety rating and is...【Get Price】

Thermally Modified Wood: The Green Alternative to Tropical ...

Totally 'green' and with absolutely no chemicals added thermally modified timber is ... In the US it is also being used for flooring outdoor furniture playgrounds...【Get Price】

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Tuscany Table & Chairs Minimalist Design in Thermally modified Wood Tuscany tables and chairs deliver maximum impact with a minimalist design fabricated...【Get Price】

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used in many outdoor applications such as exterior cladding decking terraces and garden. furniture. The resistance of heat treated wood against weathering...【Get Price】

Finishing of Thermally Modified Wood

6 Sep 2011 ... Table 1. – The six commercial stains used in this experiment and their properties. Stain. Stain Type. Colour. Solvent Type.【Get Price】

Resistance of thermally modified ash ( Fraxinus excelsior L ...

7 Nov 2016 ... According to Table 3 thermal treatment performed at higher temperatures than 200 °C conferred to the heat-treated wood material durability class...【Get Price】

Heat-Treated Wood as a Substrate for Coatings Weathering ...

There are discrepancies in the literature about whether thermal treatment reduces or increases surface free energy of wood (Table 2) because of the difficulties in...【Get Price】

Thermowood – TULAVALLA outdoor furniture

Thermo modification also improves the properties of wood: It becomes more resistant to mould and mildew damage. Heat-treated wood is resin-free and more fire...【Get Price】

Mechanical parameters of thermally modified ash ... - SciELO

Thermal modification of wood was performed at 190°C or 200°C for 2 h in ... Results of the measurements are given in table 1 together with the average change...【Get Price】

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Thermal modification is a non-toxic process that simply "cooks" wood in heat. ... "Simply put thermally modified wood is a natural and healthy alternative to...【Get Price】

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Thermal modification changes the properties of wood permanently. ... claddings and prefabricated wall elements terrace floors garden furniture window frames...【Get Price】

Thermally Modified Wood: A Healthier Alternative

26 Jan 2021 ... Thermally modified wood is a natural non-toxic alternative to chemically treated wood products for the home. Unlike pressure-treated lumber...【Get Price】

Moisture-Dependent Strength Properties of Thermally ...

2 Apr 2020 ... Keywords: compressive strength ash wood thermal modification moisture ... Table 1. Density real moisture content (MC) modulus of elasticity...【Get Price】

Thermally Modified Lumber - Atlantic Plywood

9 Sep 2019 ... Thermally modified lumber is ideal for siding decking architectural millwork cabinetry furniture flooring paneling trim and much more.【Get Price】


Cambia Poplar is a thermally-modified wood. The Cambia ... Cambia Poplar is another dark wood that can be used for furniture in side or outside. 4/4 Hit and...【Get Price】

How Thermally Modified Wood Brings Timber to the Forefront ...

23 Jun 2020 ... What is Thermally Modified Timber? Thermally modified timber (TMT) is a natural wood product that has undergone a chemical change using...【Get Price】

Changes in the Chemical Composition and Decay Resistance ...

17 Mar 2016 ... Rubber wood is now one of the major resources for making furniture for ... The low affinity of heat-treated wood to water and the availability of...【Get Price】

Mechanical parameters of thermally modified ash ... - Redalyc

As shown in Table 1. wood density after thermal treatment slightly decreased - by 34% and by 42% for the wood modified at 190°C and 200°C respectively. The...【Get Price】

TherMac and Cutek | Macbeath Hardwood

Benefits Of TherMac Lumber · Thermally modified lumber is used for flooring siding fencing & furniture for both interior and exterior applications to reduce...【Get Price】

Studies on Industrial-Scale Thermal Modification of Wood - DiVA

This thesis mainly focuses on thermally modified wood from species such as pine spruce and birch. ... for example to construct graphs and tables of data.【Get Price】

Thermally-Modified Hardwood | Anova Furnishings

... own collection of sustainable furniture. To learn more about how thermally-modified lumber is being used in public institutional and commercial landscapes...【Get Price】

Are there any serious and non-obvious disadvantages to ...

5 Aug 2015 ... The thermal modification of wood into what is variously called ... you were wise to hold out on buying some for furniture applications at least.【Get Price】

Properties of Thermally Modified Wood - Luxhammar

Depending on the modification level of wood Thermally Modified Wood has ... and prefabricated wall elements terrace floors garden furniture window frames...【Get Price】


The hygroscopicity of thermal-treated wood can vary considerably with varying process parameters. Table 3 shows a summary of the effect of thermal treatment on.【Get Price】

Impact of thermal modification on color and chemical changes ...

9 Apr 2018 ... Their amount decreases in modified wood accompanied by a relative increase of cellulose and lignin (Table 9). Hemicelluloses in spruce wood...【Get Price】

and Wax-Based Surface Finishes on Thermally Modified Oak ...

28 Jan 2021 ... wooden furniture and parquet were used for surface finishes on Turkey oak wood (Quercus cerris L.) thermally modified at temperatures of...【Get Price】

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The Thermal Modification process is a method where wood fiber is 'cooked' in ... hardwoods in applications like decking siding and even outdoor furniture.【Get Price】

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