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Tile School: Grout Lines and Tile Patterns | Fireclay Tile

The 3/16 grout line is by no means thick and leaves a perfect amount of room for the natural variation of the size of the tiles. This is also an example of a very clean well-done installation. When looking for a tile installer be sure to ask if they have experience with installing handmade tile to ensure you're happy with the final result.【Get Price】

Tile Flooring: Grout Line Width | Shaw Floors

This means larger grout lines 3/16 inch for example are necessary to achieve a polished look without emphasizing these variations. Second grout lines that are too large in comparison to your tiles will take the focus away from your gorgeous flooring and leave you with a grid-like appearance.【Get Price】

Grout Lines: How to Determine What Size Grout Line To Use .

As a general rule floor tiles should have grout lines of 1/8 inch or larger depending on the type and size of tile. Special types such as slate or quarry tiles often do not have edges uniform enough to work with tight spacing. These tiles usually are spaced with grout lines 3/16 inch or wider.【Get Price】

How Large Should Grout Lines Be? - The Floor Elf

If they are within 1/16 inch you can go that small with your grout lines. Some tiles such as slate and some quarry tiles will not be consistent enough to use a grout line that small. The largest grout line I will use is 3/16″ unless otherwise specified by the builder or customer. Large format. Large format tiles are a bit tricky.【Get Price】

How to Choose the Right Grout Size For Your Tile | Fireclay Tile

Finished grout lines will vary from 1/16" to 3/16". Note that using the smallest grout possible will increase installation time. 3/16": We recommend a 3/16" grout size for our Ceramic Tile line. This thickness leaves room for the natural variation in size and the perfectly imperfect edges of handmade tile. Tile shown: Diamond Escher in .【Get Price】

Grout Joints for Large Format Tile | Daltile

Daltile recommends that large tiles have a 1/8” or 3/16” minimum grout joint for the most successful installation. The difference is not really noticeable visually but can make a big difference to the quality of the installation.【Get Price】

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