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Damages shall still be paid even if there is a penal clause if: 1. there is a stipulation to the contrary. 2. the debtor refuses to pay the agreed penalty. 3. the debtor is guilty of fraud in the fulfillment of the obligation. (Art. 1126 NCC) Note: The nullity of the penal clause does not carry with it that of the principal obligation.【Get Price】

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Penal Laws laws passed against Roman Catholics in Britain and Ireland after the Reformation that penalized the practice of the Roman Catholic religion and imposed civil disabilities on Catholics. Various acts passed in the 16th and 17th centuries prescribed fines and imprisonment for participation【Get Price】

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part 4. prevention of crimes and apprehension of criminals [11006 - 14315]. part 5. peace officers' memorial [15001 - 15003]. part 6. control of deadly weapons [16000 - 34370]【Get Price】

Penal legal definition of penal

penal. adj. referring to criminality as in defining "penal code" (the laws specifying crimes and punishment) or "penal institution" (a state prison or penitentiary confining convicted felons).【Get Price】

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The definition of penal is something relating to punishment for breaking the law. An example of penal are laws or codes that people are punished for breaking; penal codes.【Get Price】

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penal pertaining or subject to punishment as for crimes or offenses; a penal offense Not to be confused with: penile – of or concerning the penis: penile implant Abused .【Get Price】

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Penal system: There is no provision for corporal punishment in the Prison (Jersey) Law 1957 or the Criminal Justice (Jersey) Law 1994 or the Prison (Jersey) Rules 2007. Penal system The Chinese penal system employs an extensive network of forced labor camps in order to reform criminals through labor.【Get Price】

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Penal definition is - of relating to or involving punishment penalties or punitive institutions. How to use penal in a sentence. Did You Know?【Get Price】

Penalty legal definition of Penalty

penalty. n. 1) in criminal law a money fine or forfeiture of property ordered by the judge after conviction for a crime. 2) an amount agreed in advance if payment or performance is not made on time such as a "late payment" on a promissory note or lease or a financial penalty for each day a building contractor fails to complete a job.【Get Price】

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A substantial body of case law interpreted the Penal Laws particularly as they affected land transactions but such material is beyond the scope of this site. A beginning may be made by consulting G.E. Howard Several Special Cases on the Laws against the Further Growth of Popery in Ireland. (Dublin 1775). The Penal System started well before .【Get Price】

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Legal definition of penal law: a law prescribing a penalty (as a fine or imprisonment) for one who violates it.【Get Price】

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Penal definition of relating to or involving punishment as for crimes or offenses. See more.【Get Price】

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Definition of penal in the dictionary. Meaning of penal. . subject to punishment by law "a penal offense" Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this .【Get Price】

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