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China's Logging Ban Impacts Other Countries As Well

14 Mar 2016 ... China's new logging ban may sound like good news. ... up exporting environmental damage to other more vulnerable countries. ... The ban will also affect the availability of certain wood species for trade and manufacturing.【Get Price】

(PDF) Study on China's Timber Resource Shortage and Import ...

7 Feb 2021 ... This timber deficit is a major economic burden and is expected to increase due to the fast development of the highly competitive wood processing...【Get Price】

China | Forest Legality

China is both a major importer and exporter of wood products reflecting both the ... natural forests and an economic policy for (value added export production)...【Get Price】

WOOD AND WOOD PRODUCTS - U.S.-China Economic and ...

The report begins with a brief introduction to the three segments of China's forestry industry: timber production the pulp and paper industry and the solid wood...【Get Price】

Home - Sino Wood International Environmental Engineering ...

Ministry of Environmental Protection: A Notice about the Lin... The spring of the ... The Age of Technology and the Outlook for Environmental Manu... Company ... Friendship link: China timber stock China timber international. Copyright:中材...【Get Price】

Interconnected Forests: Global and Domestic Impacts of ...

China is the leading wood product exporter in the world yet its overall forest ... Poorly managed forests in China not only destroy ecosystem health but can...【Get Price】


Other wood-based panel production was 13.9 million m3 about 18.7% of the whole production. (3) Wood furniture and wood flooring: Since the economic reforms...【Get Price】

China's Recent Forest-related Policies - Institute for Global ...

the state of China's timber market is described briefly highlighting the recent sharp increases ... Recent key forest-related policies to overcome the environmental crisis and the shortage of ... decrease of wood production for home consumption.【Get Price】

All ecolabels on forest products / paper | Ecolabel Index

Enables users and consumers of timber and wood-based products to be assured that the origin of ... China Environmental Label was initiated by SEPA in 1993.【Get Price】

For 20 years we've urged China to ban the use of illegal ...

20 Jan 2020 ... China is the world's largest importer of wood and the largest exporter of ... We were one of the first campaigning environmental organisations to...【Get Price】

Forecast of overall timber consumption in China in the next 3 ...

25 Oct 2019 ... China's timber demand has maintained a steady growth trend especially for ... a historical shift from timber production to ecological construction. ... growth of population the demand for wood and forest products is increasing...【Get Price】

Responsible Timber Trade | WWF China

The annual wood products turnover of GFTN-China participants amounts to USD 45 ... Chinese forest product enterprises committed to legal logging and sustainable ... Improving your company's environmental performance will make your...【Get Price】

China-Myanmar Cooperation on Sustainable Timber ...

8 Oct 2020 ... GEI Hosts Delegation of Burmese Forestry Officials in China-Russia Border. 08 ... Suifenhe wood industrial park follows the public-private partnership ... of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation also expressed...【Get Price】

China's hypocrisy on illegal wood and deforestation - China ...

29 Nov 2012 ... As the world's biggest buyer of illegal wood China has been ... to come from illegal sources (Image by Environmental Investigation Agency).【Get Price】

Environmental Information Series - SUNY ESF

In this age of globalization it is very likely that the lumber and other wood ... the U.S. imports most of its foreign-made hardwood flooring from Canada China...【Get Price】

Ghana 'exports rosewood timber illegally to China' - BBC News

30 Jul 2019 ... Corrupt officials are forging documents to allow the wood to leave the ... for illegal export to China since 2012 an environmental group says.【Get Price】

China's demand for timber threatens forests in Solomon ...

17 Oct 2018 ... But western countries which source some wood from China are at ... of its ecological footprint: the materials it sources abroad” she said.【Get Price】

China must embrace global norms if it wants to defend the ...

26 Jan 2019 ... In May 2018 in a speech calling on China to build an “ecological ... But over the same period China has also seen wood imports shoot up...【Get Price】

Chinese demand for timber could strip Solomon Islands bare ...

18 Oct 2018 ... Environmental and rights group Global Witness said this was more than 19 ... “The Chinese companies which import most of the wood are so...【Get Price】

Wood Rights and Forestry in Ming and Qing China | MPIWG

This project examines the role that institutions played in mediating social and environmental change in the forests of early modern China. Forestry is central to...【Get Price】

China's Plantation Forests for Sustainable Wood Supply and ...

The natural forest resource is severely deficient and not evenly distributed with poor quality. Rapid population growth and unprecedented economic development...【Get Price】

The wood from the trees: The use of timber in construction ...

Timber can have economic benefits for construction as modern timber is largely ... to the environmental impact of timber use: trees as a resource wood cell ... a notable increase in planted forests in developing regions (principally China).【Get Price】

Managing planted forests for multiple uses under a changing ...

26 Nov 2014 ... (In China's forest inventory system economic forest is measured only in terms of area but not stocking volume.); (iii) fuel-wood forest with the...【Get Price】

A Brief Overview of China's Timber Market - Forest Trends

6 Oct 2008 ... harvest and transport remain heavily regulated by the government. China's primary wood-processing industry and wood-consuming sectors...【Get Price】

Corruption Stains Timber Trade Forests Destroyed in China's ...

Environmental activists have prodded some of the largest purveyors of wood products to adopt conservation policies. Industry leaders and conservationists have...【Get Price】

On the Management of Large-Diameter Trees in China's Forests

16 Jan 2020 ... large-diameter timber resources as well as maximize ecological ... old-growth forest of Belgium [30] large old trees in a wood-pasture of...【Get Price】

Wood / Economic Studies - Coface

The gradual economic recovery underway in China since the third quarter of 2020 is likely to boost the country's construction sector despite its difficulties. This...【Get Price】

Sustainable Forest Products: Home

generic supply chain and related environmental and social impacts infographic ... Note: China's ecolabeling policy covers wood based panels wood flooring...【Get Price】


4426 Product ... The International Wood Trade and Trade to other Chinese Provinces. 15. 6.1 ... University and Yunnan Institute of Environmental Science. ○.【Get Price】

How the Trade War is Hurting the U.S. Lumber Industry and ...

27 Nov 2019 ... High tariffs on sustainable U.S. hardwood are driving Chinese firms to ... An estimated 80% of the wood entering China from Russia is illegally felled ... for the Washington D.C.-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).【Get Price】

China finally appears to be tackling the problem of illegal ...

21 Jan 2020 ... China is the world's largest importer of wood and the largest exporter of ... The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) reports that China is...【Get Price】

Timber Fuel and Fiber - Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

During the past decade China has increased its imports of logs and wood products by more than 50% and if unabated this rate of increase will put significant...【Get Price】

China's Voracious Appetite for Timber Stokes Fury in Russia ...

9 Apr 2019 ... China's stunning economic transformation over the last four decades has driven its demand. It is now the world's largest importer of wood.【Get Price】

Forest Sustainability in China and Implications for a ...

19 Dec 2013 ... As China's demand for forest products and other ecosystem services such ... requires timber for housing construction and wood for furnishings.【Get Price】

Chinese Demand for Bloodwood Cuts Into Congo's Ecosystem

27 Jan 2017 ... Even though the tropical forests of the Congo basin are the second-largest in the world surpassed only by the Amazon rainforest mukula wood is...【Get Price】

China's Appetite for Wood Takes a Heavy Toll on Forests ...

17 Nov 2011 ... In Chinese folklore a dragon symbolizes strength. It is an apt icon for a nation whose rise as an economic superpower has been nothing short of...【Get Price】

China at the centre of 'illegal timber' trade | Deforestation | The ...

11 Dec 2012 ... Environmental groups accuse ports and cities of being a centre for illegally logged wood despite international conservation treaties.【Get Price】

A brief overview of China's timber market system - CIFOR

focus of forestry beyond timber and promotes markets for ecosystem services ... China's primary wood-processing industry and wood-consuming sectors have...【Get Price】

China – EIA Global - Environmental Investigation Agency

Highlighting the need for China to require its importers to source legal wood products by tracking illegally logged timber through China to final consumer markets.【Get Price】

China's revised forest law could boost efforts to fight illegal ...

19 Mar 2020 ... Environmental science and conservation news. ... China is the world's largest importer of legal and illegal timber and if the change ... estimating that it represents between 15 and 30% of the overall market for wood products.【Get Price】

Chinese Tariffs Impacting US Forest Supply Chain

6 Jun 2019 ... The Post article notes that “Wood exports to China dropped by $700 ... The hardwood industry provides an estimated $60 billion economic...【Get Price】

China's global forest footprint: a tropical timber trade ...

1 Apr 2019 ... Wood products made in China are also consumed in markets like the EU ... Illegal logging is far from an isolated environmental problem.【Get Price】

Wood products - production and trade - Statistics Explained

14 Dec 2020 ... Apart from the forests' ecological value their role as an essential element in European landscape and their importance for some non-economic...【Get Price】

China feeds U.S. demand for wood as forests suffer - Chicago ...

18 Dec 2006 ... Illegal logging takes many forms: flat-out theft evasion of taxes and fees and violation of national labor and environmental laws. Americans have...【Get Price】

How Illegally Harvested Timber Is 'Greenwashed' in China

16 Jan 2019 ... According to the most recent figures environmental nonprofit Forest Trends sent to Sixth Tone China exported $36 billion of wood products in...【Get Price】

EIA Welcomes China's New Law to Ban Illegal Timber ...

21 Jan 2020 ... EIA Welcomes China's New Law to Ban Illegal Timber ... and major processing hub China for decades has been an opaque 'black box' for wood at high risk of ... More News RSS feed for Environmental Investigation Agency.【Get Price】

The global wood market wood resource productivity and price ...

14 Jan 2011 ... Since my previous analysis another nine years of FAO data have become available and China's economic expansion has taken hold. China's...【Get Price】

Country profile China - Timber Trade Portal

28 Jun 2016 ... Commercial forests: forests that are not classified as ecological forests with the main purpose for wood and other forest products production with...【Get Price】

Guidelines for Avoiding Wood from Endangered Forests

continuity to maintain all of their ecological functions and biodiversity; ... Wood products from plantation forests are offered as a solution to declining native forests ... These woods are being used extensively by furniture manufacturers in China.【Get Price】

The Chinese Timber Trade and the Logging of ... - JSTOR

wood was shipped to China 63% of which (or 35559 m3) was separated by species. Of this quantity 95% belonged to three ecologically important but not...【Get Price】

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