how to raise a chain link fence

How to Raise the Height of a Chain Link Fence Easily and Cheaply

Sliding a larger fence post over a smaller one was all it took to raise the height of our fence without damaging the landscaping. Because we used recycled material (including the chain link) the total cost of this project was less than $50 for raising a 50 foot stretch of fence to a height of four feet.【Get Price】

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Add more height to your chain link fence without spending a fortune and do it in a couple hours. The fence is actually 7 ½ ft. tall not 8 as I state in the v.【Get Price】

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After attaching the tension bar to the tension bands at the first corner or end post you must use a hand-crank fence puller to increase the tension in the chain link fencing before bolting it to.【Get Price】

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There are several ways to extend a chainlink fence without replacing the entire fence. You can add welded wire leaners to the top of your fence to increase height. You can add a mesh cloth to the top of your chainlink fence to increase the height of your fence. And lastly you can add a nylon extension of fencing called Tenax.【Get Price】

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The fence posts for your chain link fence should have an outside diameter of 1 5/8 inches which is a standard size. You will be able to use a post of slightly larger dimensions to add height to the fence. Let’s assume you wish to add 2 feet in height. Use a sleeve that’s 3 feet in height and slide 12 inches of it over the old post.【Get Price】

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Chain link fence fabric must be pulled taught or it will sag. You can do this using a come-along cable puller winch and stretcher bar. Insert a tension bar about 3-feet short of the corner or end post you are going to end the mesh on. Hook the stretcher bar to it.【Get Price】

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