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Issue is the ground slopes uphill maybe 150mm (6’’) higher one end with pavement prevent outside. Thinking about levelling posts and arris rails but letting the gravel boards (concrete) follow the ground next to the pavement. consequently the close board part of the fence will taper slightly from one end to the other.【Get Price】

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As this fence is on a drive rather than in contact with the earth the change in level at the bottom of the fence is accommodated by cutting each board at an angle at the bottom in line with the slope in the land – leaving a slight gap to allow moisture to run off the fence to avoid rot. The result is very neat crisp and professional.【Get Price】

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Close Board Fencing on a Slope Stepping sometimes involves digging out the ground a little to set the board down into it; another reason why all timber should be treated as if it is in contact with the ground constantly then it won’t take long for it to start rotting. Stepping of fence boards and gravel boards on a slope【Get Price】

Close board fencing on a slope. | DIYnot Forums

Gravel board (wood only) fitted on wood cleats. One tip if you can get away with it don't use concrete gravelboards on a slope you have to use a grinder/cutter to angle the ends to fit between the posts. Hope thats of some help to you.【Get Price】

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Gravel boards are particularly important when installing stepped fencing on a slope because depending on the gradient the gravel board may have to go into the ground slightly to minimise the gap underneath.【Get Price】

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If the angle of the slope is very steep raked fencing may not be possible. The limit is often 12-inches across a 6-foot section. In addition if the slope of your yard fluctuates dramatically raked fencing may be tricky to install. SELECTED FOR YOU: Digger Specialties Products【Get Price】

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Two of the options are to follow the slope of the ground with the fence line -- which is called raking -- or to keep the fence line horizontal and follow the ground in steps. The third -- hybrid -- approach is to follow the ground with the rails while keeping the fencing slats or pickets vertical.【Get Price】

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The most attractive style of fencing for close to the ground fence installation on a slope is either the Scoop Style fence or Rainbow Style fence. These fences are both built on site and each board is placed flush with the ground. Then the arch is made and the top is sawed off to show a beautiful manicured top to your fence.【Get Price】

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