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This stair tread supports and adds strength to a stair case. For a solid installation of treads put a bead of construction adhesive on the stringer before installation. From stair treads stair railing and a complete selection of Stair Parts Surewood-LNL has what you need to make your stairs beautiful.【Get Price】

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Replacing the treads of your stairs which are the parts you step on is a great way to revamp an old staircase. If your stairs are carpeted the first thing you’ll have to do is pull up the carpeting. If not you can go right to measuring and removing the old treads. Then you have to cut glue and nail in your new treads.【Get Price】

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Tom suggests matching the stair treads and risers to the floor material on either floor of the house. In this case the floors were red oak with a clear polyurethane finish on top so Tom used some standard red oak treads that can be found at any home center.【Get Price】

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Remodeling your stairs from carpet to wood stair treads? At Lowe’s we make it easy to transform your old worn stairs for a brand-new look. Whether you want solid wood treads like red oak stair treads or maple stair treads or you’re looking for a maintenance-free option like vinyl stair treads or laminate stair treads we can help.【Get Price】

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Second to properly replace treads and risers you essentially need to take apart the entire stair assembly and the baseboards and possibly other items that get into the whole "old house can of worms" that can easily spiral into a whole host of other unwanted projects (and you'd also have no way to get upstairs for a while).【Get Price】

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A full hardwood stair tread overlay system includes form-fitted tread covers and matching (or painted) riser boards. Both pieces attach directly to the original wood staircase after any carpeting or other finished flooring has been removed. The best systems use 100-percent hardwood materials resulting in the look of traditional hardwood stairs.【Get Price】

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