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25 Oct 2019 ... Ordering Notes: To order material, specify quantity of pieces, gage, finish,... Get Price ... 2" Composite Steel Deck | Floor Deck Supplier.【Get Price】

Image II - Standing Seam Metal Roofing - Best Buy Metals

Image II is a standing seam metal roof system that combines simple traditions with today's engineering and ... Thickness options include 26 and 24 gauge.【Get Price】

Metal Deck: Verco Shallow Vercor Form Deck | Metaldeck.com

9/16" Deep Form Deck | Shallow Vercor Verco | Metaldeck.com. ... Material can be custom run to different gauges and longer or shorter lengths if ... Rusted Roofing is produced in two different finishes: A606-4 (aka Corten) or Bare steel.【Get Price】

In-Stock Deck Accessories - Cut to Spec - Miami Metal Deck

Miami's #1 Deck Hardware Manufacturer & Supplier · In-Stock: Roof Deck Accessories · Cell Closure (20 Gage Min.) · Hanger Tabs · Pour Stop Table · Ridge and...【Get Price】

UFS Form Deck | CSC - Canam Steel Corp

Comes in 35” Coverage. METAL DECK PROPERTIES(SEE LAYOUT FOR GAGES USED). GAGE, 26, 22...【Get Price】

20 Ga Galvanized Decking - 20'2" | Wheeler Metals

Add To Quote. Product Description. Great for: Roofing, Bridges, Windbreaks, Guard Rail Substitutes 20 Ga. Galvanized 3' Wide 20'2" Long Grade 80 G60...【Get Price】

Requirements for the Use of Corrugated Metal Shear Walls as ...

Get information about requirements for using corrugated metal shear walls as a lateral ... top of a podium structure where a two-stage analysis procedure is used for lateral design. The thickness of decking material shall be 22 gage to 26 gage.【Get Price】

Exceeding maximum unsupported span of metal deck ...

I have a project where a 2 inch, 20 gage metal deck was specified to support a 5 1/2 total concrete slab depth. During the design phase, column...【Get Price】

7/8" Corrugated • Roof - Metal Sales

Rib Features: 2-2/3" centers. Standard Gauges: 24 ga., 26 ga. Optional Gauges: 22 ga., 20 ga. 7/8″ Corrugated Roof Panels are about performance on a large...【Get Price】

Deck Display Thickness (Gage) - Revit Forum

8 Sep 2019 ... Hello all, I'm new to modeling concrete on metal deck floors. ... exactly 10% of the deck rib height (e.g. 0.2" for a 2" deck, 0.3" for a 3" deck, etc.【Get Price】

Strength of Composite Slabs - CORE

steel deck reinforced concrete floor slabs that are constructed to simulate ... For the SOI-2 series the strain gages were monitored, during the placement of the.【Get Price】

Example Calculations - Canam Buildings

5970 lbs. DECK TYPE - 2" Lok Floor Composite Floor Deck. GAGE -. 20. YIELD STRESS - 40 ksi. STEEL DECK PROPERTIES: I -. 0.390 in4/ft. Sp -. 0.332 in3/ft.【Get Price】

Recommendations for Successful Metal Roof Installations

Metal roof systems are composed of metal panels — which are typically fabricated from 22- or 24-gage galvanized metal or aluminum — and batten-fill insulation. ... In my opinion, accurate slope for metal roof systems is in excess of 2 1/2:12.【Get Price】

Are Your Roof Members Overstressed? - Steel Joist Institute

1 Mar 2017 ... mechanically attached to the steel roof deck in a closely-spaced ... Typical membrane layout by roofers. Figure 2. Typical fastener layout at corner zones. Figure 3. ... The metal deck is 1.5-inch 22-gage, wide rib (WR) deck on...【Get Price】

Make your next metal roof attachment without the ... - SunModo

Make your next metal roof attachment without the daunting task of locating the truss. SunModo's EZ Grip Metal. Deck Mount installs into 26 gage sheet metal, 1/2...【Get Price】

Corrugated Steel Decking - Super Stud Building Products

Super Stud's Corrugated steel decking can be used as a concrete pan deck for ... Our 28-gauge deck is hot-dip galvanized, and compatible with our Super Joist and SuperMAXX Joist and ... Tolerances: Panel Length: Plus or minus 1/2 inch.【Get Price】

Are Your Roof Members Overstressed? - IIBEC

Polymer-modified bitumen roof systems and adhered single-ply ... Figure 2 – Typical fastener layout at corner zones. ... The metal deck is 1.5-in., 22-gage, wide.【Get Price】

Are Your Roof Members ... - STRUCTURE magazine

The metal deck is 1.5-inch 22-gage, wide rib (WR) deck on joists 6 feet on-center. ... Line load on 1.0 foot of deck width = [(5 feet)(84 psf)]/2-4.5 plf = 206 pounds...【Get Price】

1.0C | Steel Store - Nucor Steel Store

1.0 C form deck is designed to serve as a permanent steel base for poured reinforced concrete floor slabs. Structurally, 1.0 ... PROFILE, GAUGE, FINISH. Select.【Get Price】

New Millennium Building Systems Steel Floor Deck ... - ARCAT

This specification includes New Millennium steel form deck and steel composite ... Deck provided shall meet the minimum design gage and yield strength ... 2. Whenever possible, the deck shall be multi-span and not require shoring during the...【Get Price】

Form Deck - Metal Deck Direct

These are normally used for spans of 2'-5' with slabs of 3”-6” of concrete, and are used strictly for forming the slab. Gauges for form decks vary from 28 to 16...【Get Price】

Which Steel Floor Deck Is Right for You? - Keystar Industries

A variety of deck depths–1.5″, 2″, and 3″–along with a variety of gauges give you options for spans and slab depths. Types of Steel Form Deck: 0.6″, 1.0″,...【Get Price】

MR-24® Weathertight Commercial Roof System | Butler ...

Learn more about the industry's first and longest-lasting standing-seam metal roof system. The MR-24® roof system has 40+ years of proven, in-place...【Get Price】

Flooring - U.S. Bridge

The choice of floor and deck construction for your bridge is important to your ... or by attaching permanent light gage metal forms to the steel superstructure. ... Two versions of corrugated steel bridge planking are used on beam or truss bridges.【Get Price】

Flexible Metal Deck Roof Diaphragms - a PDH Online Course ...

C. How to Fasten Steel Deck: 1. Welded connections. 2. Screw connections. ... by using both heavier gage panels and fewer connections or by more frequently...【Get Price】

All Decked Out - American Institute of Steel Construction

3 Sep 2005 ... guide the designer of the steel deck pro- ... These fall into two general ... 2. Attachment notes and patterns. 3. Deck profiles, gauges, and...【Get Price】

Corrugated, Perforated, and Custom Metal Fabrication

CBS Sheetmetal features a complete custom metal fabrication shop as well as a ... 1.5 Inch Composite Floor · 2 Inch Composite Floor · 3 Inch Composite Floor ... For corrugated metal roofing, siding, decking, gutters, leaders and flashings, trust the ... Our metal roofing materials come in a variety of gauges, substrates, and...【Get Price】

PBR Product Evaluation Report - MBCI

slope<2:12) in accordance with Section 1507 shall resist impact damage ... metal roof systems having a thickness equal to or greater than 26 gage shall be...【Get Price】

Comparison of Retrofit Systems Over Existing Metal Roofs

3 Apr 2017 ... existing metal roof does reach the end of its service life, or is ... and to function properly for the selected retrofit roof system. Two ... Existing metal roofs are typically 24 gage, or thinner, steel and were not originally intended to.【Get Price】

Siplast Roof Insulation Systems

Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete System Weights. 2" of ZIC 1:6 Mix Design Over Metal Decking. 26 ga. Metal. 24 ga. Metal. 22 ga. B-Deck. 22 ga. Metal.【Get Price】

Metal Roofing Price List - Logam Sunwares

7 May 2016 ... PROFILE, GAUGE(TCT), Price/Ft.-Run. Metal Deck PPGI. Mfr.: 1, 2, 3. G22(0.47mm). RM5.00. G26(0.40mm). RM4.50. G28(0.35mm). RM4.00.【Get Price】

Multi Cor and M Cor Panel - McElroy Metal

... M-Cor ideal metal panels to achieve nostalgic appeal whether installed as a wall, roof or interior accent panel. ... Optional 24, 22, GA Galvalume (Multi-Cor)【Get Price】

Nucor CFR™ - Nucor Building Systems

Nucor CFR™ is a standing seam roof system designed to withstand a ... FM Approved (1/2” & 1-1/2” clips only) ... Standard roof line trim & flashing to be 26 ga.【Get Price】

Untitled - City of Portland, Oregon

Topic: Use of Corrugated Metal Deck as Shear Walls. Present. Board members: ... The metal stud walls are sheathed with corrugated 1/2", 26 gage metal deck.【Get Price】

Metal Roof Prices: Understanding The Cost of Metal Roofing

Understand the wide range of factors that go into pricing out a metal roof including panel types, installations, ... When looking at steel gauges, the lower the number is, the thicker the steel is. ... There are (2) primary types of metal paint systems:.【Get Price】

What gauge Type A metal deck do I need for this 5′ span ...

This table shows Factory Mutual's maximum allowable spans for each steel roof deck type and gauge, based on multiple long span metal deck conditions (2 or...【Get Price】

05 30 00 - Metal Decking - BART

2. Payment: Metal decking will be paid for at the indicated Contract unit prices for ... Type of decking units, weight of metal (metal gage), and section profile.【Get Price】

Industry Standard Terms & Definitions - Steel Deck Institute

Butt Plate: A deck accessory comprised of a flat, light gage steel plate that is placed atop two adjoining deck sheets. Button Punch: A mechanical means of...【Get Price】

What Gauge Should I Use For Metal Siding?

31 Aug 2020 ... The difference in thickness between these two gauges is around .0038, or a single sheet of paper. Though it doesn't seem like much of a...【Get Price】

In Plane Diaphragm Shear - Quality Metal Decking

Diaphragm shear and flexibility for steel deck diaphragms have been developed ... 1. Deck panel. 2. Deck gage. 3. Deck vertical load span (support spacing). 4.【Get Price】

System Overview: EPICORE MSR Composite Floor System ...

The Epicore MSR deck profile is flat across the bottom which creates a continuous uniform load on the metal stud bearing walls. The dovetail ribs, closed flutes,...【Get Price】

05 13 13 Steel Roof Deck - Vulcraft

The gage, attachment to supports, and PunchLok II® sidelap connections (VSC2) of the deck are designed to provide allowable diaphragm shear and shear.【Get Price】

05 31 23 Steel Roof Decking - University of Houston

The steel deck supplier shall be a manufacturer with a minimum of two years ... Provide a 20 gage galvanized flat plate to reinforce openings in roof deck that are...【Get Price】


A. Section 0300 - Cast-in-place Concrete: Structural roof deck. ... 2. Celcore Incorporated US Highway 70 West, Black Mountain, NC 28711• (704) 669-4875 • Fax (704) 669- ... Specify gage and size as recommended by deck manufacturer to.【Get Price】

1.5″ Composite Corrugated Metal Floor Decking

CorrugatedMetal.com can handle all of your composite floor deck panel needs. ... The 1.5 inch deck comes in a standard 36″ width (unlike the 2″ & 3″, ... and gauge thickness you need to make sure you are using the most optimal deck for...【Get Price】


Section Properties. Deck. Gage. Deck. Weight. Base Metal. Thickness. Yield ... Gage. End Bearing. Interior Bearing. End Bearing. Interior Bearing. 1½". 2". 3". 4".【Get Price】

ICC-ES Report (ESR-3486 Report) - Berridge Manufacturing

BERRIDGE CEE-LOCK AND ZEE-LOCK STANDING SEAM ROOF PANELS ... panel widths of 161/2 inches (419 mm) with a seam height of 11/2 inches (38 mm) ... 24 gage. [base-metal thickness 0.0230 inch (0.5842 mm)] grade 40 sheet steel...【Get Price】

Understanding metal roofing - METAL CENTRAL

A warranty can give you peace of mind when investing in a new metal roof. ... Manufacturers use one of two different rust-blocking coatings on metal panels, ... 29 gauge metal roofing comes in a wide range of thickness and hardness levels.【Get Price】

Structural Steel Roof and Floor Deck

ASC Steel Deck is an innovative leading manufacturer in the structural steel roof and ... The only manufacturer on the West Coast to offer a full line of light-gage...【Get Price】

Type "S" Corrugated Form Deck & Decking - Floor & Roof

S Deck is available in stainless steel and galvanized steel. Section Properties (Fy=80 ksi). Gage, Design Thickness, Weight (psf)GIV, Ip(1n4), Sp(In3), Sn(In3)...【Get Price】

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