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Laboratory flooring solutions. Laboratory flooring must guarantee hygiene, impermeability and resistance to chemical agents.. Rubber flooring is non-porous and won’t create openings at the seams, which could become a breeding area for bacteria: since the rubber doesn’t contain plasticisers it will not open at the seams.【Get Price】

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Laboratories. These types of environments require high quality, easy maintenance flooring to provide a clean, safe workspace. A slip-resistant floor adds extra safety left from chemicals, cleaning products, or other liquids that could potentially spill. Additionally, a portable floor can be ideal for labs or clean rooms that need to move locations.【Get Price】

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Epoxy Resin As the most popular lab flooring option on the market, epoxy resin flooring is also the most expensive. Comprised of a combination of materials that, when mixed together, form a chemically hardened plastic-like surface.【Get Price】

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Returning to caustic spills, laboratories also sometimes spill liquids that will create permanent stains, thus laboratory flooring should also be stain proof. Now, the need for heavy duty flooring for laboratory flooring becomes even more essential. Those in the know about laboratory flooring will all agree, that only Silikal will deliver .【Get Price】

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When it comes to laboratories and clean rooms, the right chemical resistant flooring is an integral part of keeping your products and customers safe from production issues and infection. Offering superior chemical resistance and a rapid install process, Dur-A-Flex pharmaceutical laboratory flooring ensures that your facility is ultra-clean and .【Get Price】

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Commercial Medical Laboratory Flooring Solutions From Vector Concepts In medical labs where procedures like clinical testing, anatomical pathology, microbiology, or blood extraction take place, medical laboratory flooring has to keep up with constant, time-sensitive, and rigorous demands. Clinical laboratories in hospitals are always adapting to new technologies, genetics pathology, and the .【Get Price】

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Our products are used extensively throughout the world in commercial labs, health care and educational facilities. Of the many flooring products available, we normally recommend a resilient rubber sheet or tile floor system. In order to make the best lab flooring recommendation for your facility, your objectives and environmental conditions .【Get Price】

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