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Soak up some of the soot with baking soda. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the soot stain on your upholstery or carpet. The baking soda will work to absorb some of the excess soot on the surface of the stain. Be sure that you completely cover the stain with the baking soda.【Get Price】

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Basic Directions: Use a vacuum, dry cleaning sponges, and/or Absorene Wall Cleaner to dry clean any surfaces that have soot on them. This may remove most of the soot on the surfaces. If there is any soot remaining, move to step 2.【Get Price】

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Steps to Remove the Soot Stain: Wipe the affected area with the dry chemical sponge. Do NOT wet the chemical sponge – it is always used dry. When the sponge gets dirty, carefully use the razor blade to shave the outer surface away.【Get Price】

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If the soot reside is mostly dry, you can use a chemical sponge (dry cleaning sponge) to clean the gross soot residue. Pay careful attention to not put a lot of pressure on the sponge as this may permanently embed the soot residue into the pores of the finished wood. Using Murphy Oil Soap or Wood Cleaner and cotton rags, clean all wood.【Get Price】

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Gather your materials and bring them to the section of tile that has been dirtied by soot. Once you are ready to start making your cleaning mixture, place 1 gallon of water into your bucket. Next, mix in 1 cup of ammonia, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Continue reading below Our Video of the Day【Get Price】

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1: How to clean soot off brick with baking soda and water Cover the floor below the brick. Vacuum up as much loose soot as you can. Scrub the bricks with hot water and a scrubbing brush.【Get Price】

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