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Waterproof horizontal decks, balconies and other structures plaza decks, Leveling coat over rough substrates for sheet applied membranes Waterproofing and IRMA roofing membrane for tunnels, parking garages, split slabs applications membrane for plaza decks, tunnels, parking garages, split slabs and green roof applications Provide a watertight【Get Price】

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When applied, MARISEAL® 250 AQUA forms a hydrophobic, 100% waterproof, seamless, polyurethane roof coating membrane, eliminating joints or risks of leakage. Based on innovative PUD-Technology™, MARISEAL® 250 AQUA protects old and new exposed parking decks with efficient and lasting waterproofing results.【Get Price】

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Roof car parking waterproofing is one of the most challenging waterproofing and surfacing jobs in a buildings waterproofing. It must not only prevent water ingress into the premises below, but also provide a highly durable, abrasion resistant, elastic, anti skid and esthetic surface capable of withstanding long term vehicular traffic.【Get Price】

Waterproofing for concrete parking structures: A comparison .

The obvious purpose of a waterproofing system is to prevent the flow of water and dissolved salts into and through the structure onto vehicles or into the occupied space below. Careful consideration and effective detailing at termination points, drains, pipe penetrations, cracks, and joints are required.【Get Price】

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We are engineers and contractors specializing in parking garage waterproofing and structural restoration.To learn more, visit:bocciabros.com/commerci.【Get Price】

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PMMA Liquid-Applied Waterproofing A parking garage is a uniquely challenging structure. It must protect cars while withstanding damaging emissions from those same vehicles. It must endure cyclic weathering and mechanical damage.【Get Price】

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