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Smart Tip: Be careful when using a string trimmer near a vinyl fence. The fast-whipping string can easily damage vinyl fence parts. If a landscaper maintains your lawn, caution them to work carefully around the fence. Most vinyl-fence components are assembled with hidden metal connectors.【Get Price】 – TrimQuick Company

2 1/4" pre-taped flat vinyl trim in a reel. Learn More. VL1275. 1/2" x 3/4" vinyl L-shape . Handheld 90 degree cutters with fence . Learn More. TrimRoller. Non .【Get Price】

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If you are using a weed eater string trimmer, you could damage a vinyl fence. It will depend on how you are using the string trimmer and what type of string you are using. If you have a string that is star-shaped, the sharper edges are more likely to cause damage to vinyl.【Get Price】

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What You Should Know To Protect Your Vinyl Fence A string trimmer has the potential of destroying your vinyl fence. Your fence should be at least 3 inches above the ground. In that case, you be able to trim the area carefully without worrying that the weed trimmer damages it.【Get Price】 Fence Trimmer

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We have provided a few photos below showcasing lawn mower/ weed trimmer damage to vinyl fences and then showing the solution. Due to Vinyls 1/8th wall of thickness, it can be damaged by weed trimmer damage, especially if it gets too hot or too cold. It also has the trouble of getting discolored with colored【Get Price】

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Superior’s trim railing are a lovely way to accent your porch. Reminiscent of historic Victorian trim, this trim railing adds charm and character to your home. Because it’s made of our high-quality vinyl, you’ll never have to paint your trim railing. Simply clean it from time to time to keep it sparkling.【Get Price】

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