neighbors fence on my property can we paint it

Can My Neighbor Paint My Fence on His Side? - Yard Blogger

10 Aug 2020 ... The answer is both yes and no, depending on the situation. If your side of your neighbor's fence falls on your property line, then, by all means, you...【Get Price】

Can I Paint My Neighbours Fence? Questions & Answers!

In general, you own the left side of your fence. So, if the right side is new, looking...【Get Price】

Fences & Boundaries - Neighbor Law - Guides at Texas State ...

23 Mar 2021 ... Below you will find references to areas of Texas law related to fences. ... The fence between my property and my neighbor's property is down.【Get Price】

Fence ownership: who owns that garden fence? - Rated People

You can only hang things on your neighbour's fence paint it or use itto support your ... If the boundary for the front of the property is less than 4 inches high, then...【Get Price】

Neighbour refused permission for me to paint her fence ...

If its their fence then you cannot legally touch it let alone paint it, bang nails into it or grow plants up it. The only thing you can do if you don't want...【Get Price】

Know your rights when you have a fence war with your ...

1 Apr 2021 ... Boundary fences are one of the major causes of property disputes between neighbours. WHAT THE ... Paint 2383335 1920 ... The problem is a lot of neighbours will say no to an initial approach which can trigger a dispute.【Get Price】

What to do when neighbor's fence crosses your property line ...

10 Aug 2015 ... I will answer both ways. Advertisement. If your survey shows your neighbor installed his fence 2 feet inside your property...【Get Price】

Common questions about fences - Law Handbook

14 Nov 2014 ... If one owner erects a fence inside a boundary the neighbour may be tempted ... However, legal ownership of the land will remain unchanged in...【Get Price】

Fencing law in Victoria | Department of Justice and ...

14 Apr 2020 ... You can hand the fencing notice to your neighbour personally or ... But it is important to know that if you want the owner of the property next...【Get Price】

Fencing and the Law - Know Your Rights Before Choosing ...

Who can paint or otherwise alter a fence once it's up? ... to it, even where the other side of the fence is on neighbouring property. This means that if you erect a fence in your garden, your neighbour must ask for permission before painting or...【Get Price】

neighbors fence on my property nj - Environmentally Friendly

The thing is two neighbors have mulch near my fence while the third one does not. So if I have it inside my property by a foot then I can put some...【Get Price】...【Get Price】

Disputes with neighbours | Victoria Legal Aid

5 Sep 2019 ... fences and trees · noise · pets · injuries on your property. There is also information about what you can do if a dispute with your neighbour makes...【Get Price】

If you disagree with your neighbour about a wall or fence ...

15 Feb 2018 ... What to do if you and your neighbour can't agree about a wall or ... This will help you to understand whose property the wall or fence is on or ... You can't make changes to your side without their permission, such as painting it.【Get Price】

If your neighbour won't fix their garden fence, what can you do?

Your property deeds will usually be marked to show the boundaries for which the owner of a property is responsible, often labelled with a T-mark. If the deeds aren'...【Get Price】

Fences and common walls - Ministère de la justice

The boundaries of a property can be marked by means of a fence under sole ... You and your neighbour may agree to build a common fence on the dividing line...【Get Price】

neighbour painting fence without permission? - Google Groups

Bit of a petty issue, our neighbour has painted his side of the fence we paid for and ... If you are certain that you erected the fence on your land then he has no rights over it ... ever want to sell your house, so unless you're confident that it will just【Get Price】

Your responsibility as a fence owner | Your rights, crime and ...

25 May 2018 ... can restrain the type of livestock grazed on either neighbours' adjoining pastoral land. It is also 'sufficient' if you and your neighbour agree it is, or...【Get Price】

She Painted My Fence – WSVN 7News | Miami News ...

24 May 2017 ... Blanche Duncan, fence was painted: “And I told her whatever she saved, I would put with it and ... And their neighbor poured a concrete slab on top of their property. ... They can no more paint your fence than paint your house.【Get Price】

Can I paint my side of a fence the neighbour put up? | Mumsnet

23 Apr 2013 ... You do not own either side of your neighbor's fence so, no. If you want to paint a fence, buy your own. Or ask someone else's permission if you...【Get Price】

My neighbor put up a fence on our property line. I painted my ...

23 Apr 2019 ... Check the property lines. If the side of the fence you painted is on your property, you can paint it. If not, you can offer to paint it over again in...【Get Price】

Need to paint neighbor's fence (painting, install, cost, code ...

If it's on their side of the property line, even by one inch, it's their property. And if they paid for it to be built, it's their property. You can't paint the...【Get Price】

Which Side Of The Fence do I Own? | Texas Fence

2 Dec 2016 ... If your fence is right on the property line between your neighbor's property ... If you want to find the property lines yourself, you can use a metal...【Get Price】

Neighbor Built Fence Over the Property Line. Does He Now ...

I've heard that he can now claim ownership over that land through adverse possession. Can he really take our land like that, even though he's not doing anything...【Get Price】

Fence Building Law Basics for Homeowners - The Spruce

25 May 2020 ... Can your neighbor build a fence on your property line? What distance from the line can you build a fence? Learn fence building laws for your...【Get Price】

Can i paint the side of my neighbors garage? : homeowners

In my current house I actually own the property 3 feet into my neighbors yard from the side of my house and fence. And my neighbor on the other side owns that...【Get Price】

Fences & Boundaries - Boundary Problems

My neighbour is in the process of erecting his new fence, and he ... as seen from his land, runs along the boundary) then he is ... Fences, appearance of: Can I paint my side of my neighbour's fence?【Get Price】

Fence Laws in Oregon - Super Lawyers Oregon

19 Oct 2017 ... If you live in an urban area, a fence can delineate your yard, provide a ... a fence is on the property line between you and your neighbor, the law...【Get Price】

Fences - Alberta Land Surveyors' Association

If you know where your property boundary markers are you can mark the property ... Discuss the construction of the fence with your neighbors—remember they...【Get Price】

Good Neighbor Fence Etiquette | Fence Guidelines and Tips

If you practice fence etiquette and bone up on local zoning regs, you can avoid neighbor disputes. ... having to tear down that fence by going even one inch over your property line. ... Guide to Paint Finishes (So You Won't Waste Your Money).【Get Price】

Baby Bargains & Baby 411 Community - Windsor Peak Press

9 Sep 2009 ... The neighbor decided that he was going to paint my fence. ... It was installed a foot onto our side of the property line, so there would be no doubt. ... And even if I can get him to replace it without going to small-claims court,...【Get Price】

neighbor painting fence | Discussions | eBrandon - Brandon ...

12 Aug 2017 ... just wondering if you guys and gals can help me out my neighbor started painting my fence which is on my side of the property line , but is...【Get Price】

FE107/FE107: Handbook of Florida Fence and Property Law ...

Handbook of Florida Fence and Property Law: Boundaries and Possession ... This information can be obtained through the County's Official Records or Property ... If my neighbor puts up a fence that encroaches on my land, how should I react...【Get Price】

Six Fence Etiquette Tips To Make Your Neighbors Happy ...

13 Aug 2019 ... Fence Etiquette when dealing with your neighbors. ... By law you can't install a fence on property that doesn't belong to you. ... If your fence leans, rots, or has chipped or fading paint, it'll do more than make your property look...【Get Price】

Fences and neighbours | People's Law School

Do I need my neighbour's agreement before I can build a fence between our properties? Yes; Maybe; No. Fences serve many purposes. They can mark property...【Get Price】

My neighbor wants to install a fence between our properties. I ...

Now that we both know where the property line is between the two houses, she wants to install the fence right on the property line. This will result in making holes...【Get Price】

Fence Wars Part 1: What can I do if my property is surrounded ...

7 Jan 2016 ... While painting a wood privacy fence is a possible solution, what if one of your neighbors has a fence that doesn't lend itself to painting, such as...【Get Price】

Neighbor wants to paint his side of our new fence -- what ...

Tell him yes, but only if you can paint the side of his house facing yours. Alternatively, tell him no. If it was a property line fence for which he paid...【Get Price】

Fence Painting Etiquette - Can I Paint My Side of the Fence ...

Painting your side of a neighbors fence may be acceptable legally only if your side falls on...【Get Price】

Drawing the line on boundaries - HM Land Registry

27 Feb 2018 ... A boundary feature can be a fence, wall, hedge, ditch, piece of wire, ... I always start by explaining that we can't tell you exactly where your legal ... and any 'filed' deeds we have for your own property and your neighbour's property. ... I painted the side facing my garden to match the rest but was careful not to...【Get Price】

Can backyard neighbor paint the backside of our fence, on our ...

18 Jun 2015 ... Can backyard neighbor paint the backside of our fence, on our property, without permission? We are homeowners & recently rebuilt our very...【Get Price】

Fence fight: Woman paints fence neon colors after neighbor ...

4 Dec 2019 ... She started to paint the fence bright colors. "It's not to make them ... They are trying to control things that I do on my property." ... Paul said she learned the county can regulate the height of the fence, but not the color. So, she...【Get Price】

Dividing Fences - Citizens Advice Bureau

I want to put up a dividing fence between my property and my neighbour's property. How do ... Your local council will be able to tell you what a sufficient fence is.【Get Price】

Which fence belongs to my property? - AXA NI

15 Nov 2017 ... Figuring out in good time which fence is yours is important so that you can keep it in good repair, and avoid costly disputes with neighbours.【Get Price】

Property Line and Fence Laws in California - wpc

28 Nov 2017 ... First, if there is a dispute as to where the property line is, you may need to ... The law states that if your neighbor erects a fence (which can be...【Get Price】

Boundary Disputes: Frequent Questions - Problem Neighbours

Can I Paint my Neighbours Fence? If you want to change anything about a fence that legally belongs to your neighbour, you should ask their permission first...【Get Price】

Frequently asked questions - LawAccess NSW

11 Mar 2021 ... The wooden f​ence between my​​ property and my neighbour's property is old and falling apart. I want to replace it with a steel fence. Can I ask...【Get Price】

Is it illegal to stain my side of the neighbours' fence without ...

29 Sep 2012 ... For the sake of keeping the peace – and avoiding legal hassles – consult with them.【Get Price】

Fence wars: When things get nasty in the suburbs |

14 Nov 2017 ... It started when we painted our side of a boundary fence black. ... The neighbours repainted their side and the cycle continued...until we decided to ... But if property owners reach an agreement, they can register this against the...【Get Price】

A Guide To Fencing & Your Boundary Rights - Knight Fencing

Your property boundary and boundary rights aren't something you think about ... including painting, staining, varnishing or installing new panels or trellis. What you can do is to put up your own fencing alongside your neighbour's fence, or pop.【Get Price】

How best to avoid a fence problem with neighbors - Houzz

I was talking to my very nice new neighbor about fences and he mentioned that they would be ... We will pay for the paint, as the fence is 100% on our property.【Get Price】

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